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General Poultry Communication Sites

The Coop. This page includes a list of other fanciers, a Wanted section, and links of interest. It keeps getting better. How about a Virtual Poultry Show?

Want to talk to other folks who are interested in poultry?

To join the DOM_BIRD list go to

To join the Rare Poultry Breeds list, send a blank e-mail to

To join the Rare Poultry Breeders2 list, send a blank e-mail to

To join the Rare Heritage Turkey list, send a blank e-mail to

Here's the Link for the Rare_Chickens list at Yahoo.

And for those of you in NY and the surrounding area, there's the Hudson Valley Chickens and Hudson Valley Poultry groups on yahoo

  • And also a Facebook Hudson Valley Farm Swap page

    Here's where to go if you want to Meet Up with other keepers of pet chickens.

    Or you could drop by the UK-based Poultry Shed.

    Another place to communicate about your birds is at Exotic Poultry.

  • Want to talk to poultry people all over the world? Try

    The Happy Hen House has a forum on keeping chickens, aimed at those with yard flocks or pets, not showing.

    If you have a pet chicken living in the house, you may want to join the House Chickens list. To do so, send a blank e-mail to

    If you're interested in particular breeds, go check out the groups at -- they have lists for many breeds.

    Another list where they talk about poultry is called just that: poultry. To subscribe to poultry, send an empty message to

  • Here's another chicken forum.

    The Poultry Connection's seems to have disappeared. There is an on the web. I haven't used it yet, so no opinion.

    Another auction site I've found is Rare Breed Auctions.


    And for the UK contingent, here's Bird

    And here's the Egg Swapper's Board, if you're interested in trading eggs with someone at a distance.

    How about a mailing list on hatching techniques?

    You can now join a mailing list on Pastured Poultry.

    And here's the APA ABA Youth Program website.

    There's now a poultry newsgroup at sci.agriculture.poultry.

    And, of course, you can always contact me at FeatherSite -- questions and comments. I love to chat about birds (and other critters).

    Backyard & Fancy Poultry Sites

  • The Palm Beach County Poultry Fanciers Association page has a fair number of breed photos and info on management of small flocks.

  • This is Andy Vardy's page Starting Out in Show Poultry.

  • American Bantam Association shows

  • APA ABA Poultry Youth Club shows in the Northeast

  • Poultry Show Central

  • Metzer Farms Calendar of Events

  • Another one for my homeboys -- The Northeastern Poultry Congress show in January

  • Now I've seen it all -- online poultry shows!

  • And for those interested in eggs, here's the UK Egg Standard.

  • Here are the Ohio National's pages on showing in Bantam, Large Fowl and Waterfowl classes.

  • The Poultry Club of Great Britain has a page on shows and showing.

  • South African Show Poultry Organisation -- breed standards etc.

  • Mad as a Wet Hen is a page on how to bathe your birds in preparation for showing them.

  • The Pathfinders Farm page on how to wash a chicken

  • Trimming your chicken's beak for showing

  • If you're in the UK and want your prize-winning fowl photographed, you might contact Rupert Stephenson.

  • Feathered Families is a site for maintaining and finding the pedigree of various lines of fowl.

  • Here's Mario Griekspoor's page (in Dutch) which seems to be on showing chickens.

  • One & All Korean Poultry Family -- I don't know anything about this, it's in Korean, but it does have pics of chickens.

  • For those who ship birds, and need to be aware of regulations, here's the link to Bird Shippers of America.

  • Here's The Easy Chicken's page on shipping fowl and eggs.

  • Another page on packing eggs for shipping.

  • Here's Fowlmania's home page, home of Dana, the turkey kisser!

  • Visit Birdsong Ranch and meet Clare's chickens and "Wonder," the dwarf emu.

  • And here you can see Kelly & Doug's chickens at Red Road Farm.

  • Drop by and meet Brandon's chicks.

  • Here's Egghead's Poultry and Party Info. Exchange.

  • This is the BackYard Chickens Community site, which includes a nice forum for answering your questions.

  • Here's Pocket Flocks, where Edith breeds Cochins, Polish and Sebrights.

  • The Hen Pen has Marans and Black Rocks.

  • Meet Alan's various poultry (and some sheep) at Touchstone Farm.

  • Squaw Creek Farm's page shows their poultry, exotic ducks, pheasants and peafowl.

  • Crack and Peep Poultry raises all sorts of chickens.

  • Check out the flock at J Bar Poultry Pen!

  • Remembering Roscoe - memorial to a rooster that lived for a decade in Takoma Park, MD.

  • Shabazin keeps all sorts of game-type fowl and uses Livestock Guardian Dogs to protect them.

  • See the various chickens at Ellson's Acre.

  • They raise Muscovies and various chickens at Pinnacle Organic Farm.

  • CornerStone Farm has a bunch of birds for sale.

  • Willow Hatchery, another backyarder's place, has Royal Palm turkeys, chickens and guineas.

  • This is Walt Leonard's Exotic Fowl site.

  • Meet the chickens at Brambleberry Holler.

  • There's all sorts of poultry at Longshadow Farms.

  • Meet the poultry at The Farm in Diggers Valley.

  • Benjamin's site Les Oiseaux de la Bernerie has chickens, waterfowl and peafowl, but is only in French.

  • Harper's Game Farm has various breeds of chickens for sale, as well as Ringneck Pheasants, Bobwhites and Chukars.

  • If you're in Wisconsin, you can get your free-range eggs from Happy Hens.

  • Go see the Heritage breeds at Muller Lane Farm.

  • Go see all the ducks, geese and chickens at e-chickens.

  • There are lots of varieties of Asian Gamefowl pictured at Orchard Poultry Farm.

  • Layers and Silkies are found at The Nester's.

  • NannyP's Hens: a photo history of her flock.

  • Lots of breeds of chicken are kept by Baythorne Fowl in the UK.

  • At Bill's Rare Birds you can see Australian Bronze Wing Doves, Edward's Pheasant, Brown Eared Pheasant, Laysan Duck and Peafowl.

  • There are lots of oriental fowl at Crowing Hills Farm.

  • There are Old Dutch and Silkies at Sleepy Hollow Farm.

  • See the free-range chickens at Unke Farms.

  • A web camera webcam with inside and outside views of the coop and fowl.

  • Cottage Rose Bird n' Blossoms specializes in Ameraucanas, Muscovies, Sebastopol Geese and Allen Setter Bantams.

  • You'll find more poultry at Lil' Bits From Heaven Ranch.

  • I'm not sure where to include this one, but if you live near Melbourne, Australia, you can rent a hen from Book A Chook.

  • Here's Adele's birds at Conspiring Chickens.

  • They have Dutch, Silkies, Buckeyes, Marans, Buff Orpingtons, Pilgrim Geese and Guineas at Pathfinders Farm.

  • Indigo Egg has a nice collection of fowl, including Araucanas, Silkies and Jersey Giants.

  • There are a bunch of Japanese poultry sites linked here.

  • Carl Hunter's site I Just Love My Chickens

  • Various Peafowl, Ornamental Pheasants, Turkeys and Waterfowl can be found at Mott's Bird Farm.

  • Horst Schmudde's Oriental Gamefowl

  • Bantams with Attitude at Punk Rock Farm

  • Chicken Relationships: The Diary of a Chicken Watcher

  • There's various poultry for sale at Future Visions Farms.

  • Yellow House Farm works with heritage poultry.

  • There are Peafowl, Guineas and Red Golden Pheasants at FollowellFarm.

  • Alex's Birds has peafowl, geese, pheasants and more for sale.

  • Get your fresh eggs from Daisy Chicken Farm.

  • There are various rare fowl for sale at Rare Feathers Farm.

  • More poultry, waterfowl and gamebirds are to be found at Vega Farm.

  • Wight Seramas and Bantams has a variety of fowl.

  • Shamrock Farm Fancy Poultry and Exotics also has a variety of rare fowl.

  • Grigg's Bird Heaven has lots of kinds of Pheasants, Turkeys and Quail.

  • Chickens one, fox zero

  • The Backyard Farmer: Falling for a chicken

  • Andy Vardy's pages on Backyard Poultry in Australia and New Zealand

  • One Earth Farm has developed the Maiden Rock bantam.

  • Lots of breeds, including Nankin and Vorwerk bantams are available at Lund Poultry.

  • Spectrum Ranch has all sorts of poultry and exotics.

  • Aloha Chickens -- a homemade breed?

  • Letter from Birdland -- a blog on poultyr plus

  • Fred's Fine Fowl

  • Grant Brereton's page -- Wyandottes and more

  • Urban Fowl


  • Raising Birds in an Urban Area.

  • And here's a Canadian page on keeping chickens in the city.

  • This is Katy Skinner's page, The City Chicken.

  • Omlet | The art of keeping chickens! - in urban or suburban areas using their fantastic chicken house the eglu!

  • Urban Chickens: The latest trend in New York City (with video)

  • Chicken Revolution: Chickens in the Yard (CITY)

  • How to Search for Your Municipality's Animal-Related Ordinances

  • Residential Urban Chicken Keeping: An Examination of 25 Cities is a downloadable pdf file.

  • City Chicken Meetup is a page for poultry keepers in NYC.


    Go to my chicken breed pages for specific breed links.

  • Here's the web site of the the American Poultry Association.

  • Here's the American Bantam Association.

  • And here's the page for The Poultry Club of Great Britain.

  • ELBARN: European Livestock Breeds Ark and Rescue Network

  • Photo montages of various breeds, by Arthur Rice in the 1920/30s, are available here.

  • The Chicken Photo Library

  • Poultrypages is a UK resource with info on many breeds.

  • Heritage Poultry Breeders of American Association

  • A fair amount of breed info can be found on Oklahoma State University's Breeds of Poultry page.

  • A History of Chicken Breeds tells you what breeds were used in making various others.

  • Rate your breed!!

  • Here's a chicken calculator -- for figuring out crossing which genes causes what colors.

  • Meaningless sex: Hens eject sperm; roosters are clueless

  • Feathered Families -- pedigree pages for breeders

  • Choosing Your Breed is a page by Andy Vardy.

  • Chicken Breeds List -- Information on Chicken Breeds from A to Z

  • John Henderson's ICYouSee Handy-Dandy Chicken Chart gives brief summaries of many breeds' characteristics.

  • Here's another informative list from My Pet Chicken.

  • There are forums on various breeds at the Rare Poultry Alliance.

  • The Heritage Poultry Breeders Association of America works to save rare fowl.

  • Here's a page on French breeds of fowl. It's in French, English and Spanish.

  • A slideshow of European breeds

  • KATKI is a page that covers chickens in Hungary, but it's in Hungarian only.

  • Here's a page of the names of the chicken breeds in Belgium, in Flemish and French.

  • Here's a list of endangered breeds in Germany, including poultry. It's only in German, so info: Class 1 is nearing extinction, II is endangered and III is rare.

  • From Belgium, here's the Association for Promotion of Belgian Poultry Breeds (in Dutch, English, French and German).

  • Here's the site of the Swedish Poultry Club, Svenska Lanthšnsklubben. I can't tell you much about it, 'cause it's all in Swedish.

  • Avelsagg Per Post is another Swedish page on poultry breeds (also only in Swedish).

  • Il Pollaio del Re is an Italian poultry site for amateur breeders. It is mostly in Italian, but there is an English version under construction.

  • Barbezieux Chickens -- a French breed

  • Izegem -- A Belgian breed

  • The Black Maltese is another rare Mediterranean breed.

  • Poultry Ireland has breeders lists, events, info on birds and more.

  • This is a downloadable file with lots of info on indigenous Japanese chicken breeds.

  • A you-tube video of Dong Tao - rare Vietnamese chickens - in Vietnamese

  • The Ga Ho - possibly the same as the Dong Tao above. I don't speak Vietnamese.

  • The Giri Raja or Forest King chicken: India's answer to the international food crisis.

  • How the Chicken Conquered the World

  • This Portuguese page is about chickens and other fowl, but that's all I can tell you.

  • Hoofdpagina is a Dutch chicken encyclopedia.

  • Diane Jacky's Art Gallery. Diane does illustrations of poultry and there's all sorts of stuff here to look at.

  • Here's a page of commercial stock photos of various chickens, peafowl, etc.

    Hatcheries and Poultry Equipment Supply Houses

    General resources

  • A technical bibliography on poultry housing and welfare.

  • Chickscope 1.5 is the University of Illinois's site where classroom computers and chickens get together. Lots of info here.

  • This is the Poultry FAQ from

  • Chickens 101

  • There's lots of good info for maintaining a flock at Harvey Ussery's Homesteading site.

  • PoultryPages: Your Poultry and Waterfowl Resource has info on breeds, raising fowl and more.

  • All sorts of chicken info and links can be found at

  • The Pennsylvania State College of Agricultural Sciences has a Poultry Science Resources list.

  • Here's

  • The hen and you: How to get started with chickens (also in French)

  • Here's The Backyard Chicken Site on raising chickens.

  • Choosing the Keepers -- How to spot the REAL "Working Girls" in your flock.

  • Keeping Chickens with Duke

  • Raising homestead chickens

  • For the Love of Chickens discusses keeping pet chickens.

  • One-Block has a pdf file on How to Raise Chickens.

  • Or you could check with the free poultry consultant.

  • has another set of pages on keeping various fowl.

  • Here's a page of Poultry Internet Resources.

  • This is the site of the National 4-H Poultry & Egg Conference.

  • Here's the poultryOne page on raising poultry and raising chickens, now easier than ever!

  • Here are some pages on chicken feeding and nutrition.

  • Here are links to online publications on Poultry Nutrition.

  • Chicken Feed: Traditional and healthy ways of feeding your fowl.

  • Here's a recipe for making your own organic chicken feed.

  • Growing fodder for chickens

  • Chicken Feed: Protein

  • Here's a page on treats to give your chickens!

  • Chicken Toys - Why they are important and how you can provide them.

  • This is another organic chicken feed recipe.

  • The Health Ranger's guide to raising healthy, happy chickens without antibiotics

  • Grit -- An essential part of a chicken's diet

  • FREE Homesteading, Farm & Animal Recording Keeping Forms

  • Kidfarm has a page on the life cycle of the chicken.

  • Here's an odd little downloadable pdf "book" for kids on chickens.

  • A page on the life of battery hens versus that of pet hens.

  • The Electronic Zoo / NetVet has a Bird Page with many links to poultry and other avians.

  • Here's the American Federation of Aviculture home page.

  • The Chicken: Its Biological, Social, Cultural, and Industrial History from Neolithic Middens to McNuggets. A 3 day conference at Yale in May of 2002 (spam: I was among the 75 speakers).

  • For published materials on poultry see my book page

    Specific resources

  • If your birds get sick you need a vet who understands the problem, Metzer Farms has compiled a list of avian vets (by state).

  • And here's their list of poultry diagnostic labs.

  • If that didn't work for you, here's a couple of numbers to try to get a referral:

    Association of Avian Veterinarians

    Mid Atlantic States Association of Avian Veterinarians

  • Or you could contact Peter at First State Veterinary Supply -- he really knows his foul diseases!

  • But if you're in the UK, you might want to contact The Chicken Vet.

  • More veterinary advice, from Victoria Roberts

  • Of course, if your the "natural" type, you may want to join this Facebook page on Poultry Natural Living & Herbal Care.

    De-crowing roosters
    Dr. Ross E. Babcock has done this operation and has developed a simple surgery for it. I understand he is willing to speak with other vets about it. He can be reached at:
    1215 E Northern Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85020

    Living with roosters
    Keeping Your Roosters Sane -- by The Easy Chicken for beginners.

  • The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) now has a page.

  • Orthopedics for Poultry Made Easy for Beginners.

    Predators and their control

  • Chickens, Predators & The Myth of Supervised Free Range

  • This is Longshadow Farms's page of predator info.

  • Predator Diagnosis Chart

  • More anti-predator ideas from Aviary Solutions.

  • Coop Security: Hardware Cloth vs Chicken Wire

  • And here's a general reference page on Livestock Guardian Dogs.

  • Hawk and Owl Damage Management from Cornell

  • The Chicken Chick's 11+ Tips for Predator-proofing Chickens

  • Predator proofing: There's some site, I don't remember it, that sells little flashing solar powered lights that repel owls -- aha! here it is: Nite Guard. But if you can't find or afford those, try this!

    Toxic plants

  • This is another Guide to Poisonous Plants.

    Diseases and the like

    Avian Flu
  • Comments on the avian flu by a friend.

  • Center for Disease Control speaks on the avian flu.

  • Bird flu doctor says fear is exaggerated.

  • The Center for Disease Control on the bird flu.

  • And there's even a web book on the bird flu.

    And now that that's done with . . .
  • Are my chickens healthy?

  • The Merck Veterinary Manual is now online!!

  • Here are the Poultry Disease links from Rojo's Roost.

  • This is the Animal Health Branch of California's page on Avian Health.

  • Here's a report on avian pox from Mississippi State Universary.

  • A page on The Importance of Proper Ventilation for Small Poultry Flocks.

  • Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection, M.g., Chronic Respiratory Disease

  • Review of the Activity of Antibiotics against Mycoplasma Spp.

  • Shagbark Bantams has a page on Marek's disease.

  • Vaccinating your chicks against Marek's Disease

  • Understanding and Control of House Sparrows, which can carry diseases and parasites to your poultry.

  • Here's a page on Infectious Bronchitis and eggs.

  • Here's a calendar focusing on biosecurity.

  • Brown Egg Blue Egg on impacted crop

  • Brown Egg Blue Egg on treating Prolapsed Oviduct

  • The Chicken Chick has pages on treating both prolapsed vent and bumblefoot.

  • The Chicken Chick on egg binding

  • Spraddle leg & Curled Toes- Causes and Treatments

  • Orthopedics for Poultry Made Easy for Beginners

  • Here we have a BBC page on the relative importance of chickens in research.

  • For the do-it-yourselfers, Rojo has a real nice page on how to perform a postmortem on a chicken -- lots of photos with instructions.

    Free-range and Pastured Poultry

  • Here's a page by the Sustainable Poultry Network.

  • From the NY Times on getting your own eggs

  • Robert Plamondon has a page on free-ranging your birds.

  • speaks for itself.

  • This is the site of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.

  • Pastured Poultry Resources page on Joel Salatin's Chicken Tractors.

  • "Heritage" chicken tractors from the SPPA.

  • At The City Chicken you'll find lots of information and links on chicken tractors.

  • Here's instructions for the old Sears "Easy-On" Caponizing Set.

  • And this is Paul Helpert's page on pastured poultry.

  • And after you've raised 'em in those chicken tractors, you may want to read Yonderway's page on Field Dressing Poultry for Beginners. (and they don't mean in suit and tie).

  • Blue Oak Ranch has an excellent page on hand-butchering poultry, with lots of photos.

  • Cornerstone Farm Ventures has a page on processing your poultry.

  • Here's Paul's homemade tub type poultry plucker.

  • Is my hen laying?

  • Here's a page on Evaluating Egg Production Hens.

  • Do You Need to Clean Your Eggs?

  • Meet Real Free-Range Eggs in the Mother Earth News.

  • Farm Fresh: What It Is, What It Ain't.

  • The Free Range Eggs song

    Waterers, Feeders and Other Stuff

  • CloverLife Easy-Fill Drinker -- this is my favorite waterer, no vacuum, easy to clean

  • Homemade Cookie Tin Waterer Heater -- with step-by-step instructions and pictures

  • The Chicken Chick's homemade water heater

  • Home Made Heated Waterers & Home Made Feeders

  • Cookie Tin water heater

  • Shatter Resistant Bulbs: A Potential Danger to Your Chickens

    Eggs (and Embryos)

    OK! So it's no longer new--I had to keep this neat piece of art somewhere!
    The image was a gift to FeatherSite from Sondra Seeger.

  • Egg Shell Colour Chart by Breed of Hen by Katie Thear

  • How a hen lays her eggs.

  • Here's a page on cholesterol in eggs.

  • The egg yolk - carotenoids make them yellow like gold.

  • Mrs. Chagnon's Sixth Grade class has put together a page describing the development of the chick embryo.

  • 4-H Embryology in the Classroom has an informative page.

  • Pictures of the hatching process from Kemp's Koops.

  • Here's the Ohio State University Extension's page on incubation and embryonic development.

  • This is a page on The Timing of Major Embryonic Developments.

  • The University of New South Wales has a page on chicken development.

  • Incubation and Embryology -- the University of Illinois extension's hands-on project for teachers.

  • Purdue University's chickzone has a morphing embryo movie.

  • Easter chicks? Here's a page on coloring chicks while still in the egg uisng injected dyes.

  • How about Duck Eggs?

  • Mississippi State University's page on candling eggs.

  • Constructing a homemade egg candler.

  • Quacker's Tips on candling eggs.

  • Candling Pictures for beginners by The Easy Chicken.

  • If you're into eggs, you might want to drop by the American Egg Board Web Site.

  • How to scramble an egg without breaking the shell.



  • This is the Easy Chicken's page on brooding.

  • The Virginia Cooperative Extension has a page up on the Brooding of Domestic Fowl.

  • Starting Chicks On The Right Foot from Kemp's Koops.

  • A couple of interesting brooders.

  • Here are some brooding tips from Rojo's Roost.

  • The Mississippi State University Extension Service also has a page on sexing day-old chicks.

  • Here's John's page Sexing Chicks: Some Clues.

  • Here's a page on brooding geese.

  • Here's Six Feathers Seramas page on brooding chicks.

  • Melinda Sparks-Rimmer has a pdf file on how to turn an old bureau into a brooder box.


  • Wow! Lots and lots and lots of coops linked here.

  • A virtual tour of the Chicken Chick's coop

  • Using the deep litter system in your coop

  • Chicken Nest Box Curtains -- More than a Fashion Statement

  • A page on Small Scale Poultry Housing, by The Virginia Cooperative Extension, includes plans for several sizes of coops.

  • The Domestic Fowl Trust has various coop plans for sale.

  • Coop construction at Rocking T Ranch.

  • Here are Laurene's Chicken House Construction Pictures.

  • Here are some coop plans from Frits Farm.

  • Here's a Canadian page with plans for coops and nest boxes.

  • Here are NannyP's coops and pens.

  • Here's a page on How to build a Chicken Coop.

  • Hoop houses!

  • Chicken Coop Plans: News and reviews of great chicken coop plans and designs.

  • And there's also Chicken Coops and Plans.

  • The City Biddy Hen House Building Plans Book

  • The Nevada Hen House Project

  • DIY Chicken Coops

  • How to Build a Chicken Coop

  • Chicken Coop Plans 4U

  • How to Build a Chicken Tractor Part 1 -- a video

  • Another chicken hoop house

  • Backyard chicken coop designs

  • Green chicken coops

  • The Essential Guide to Your Chicken Coop Plans

  • Step by Step Chicken Coop Plans for Beginners

    And stop by my Coops and Pens area on my Suppliers page to see what's for sale.


  • Here are Maurice Field's plans for a movable pen for fowl.

  • This is a page of pen designs for Peafowl from Legg's Peafowl Farm.

    More technical stuff

  • The US Poultry Gene Mapping page is a great site for breeders or those with an interest in genetics.

  • Another site for those with an interest in genetics is the Roslin Institute's Chicken Genome Mapping Project Chick Map.

    Ostriches anyone? (and other ratites)

  • North Dakota State University has a text page of general ostrich information.

  • Here's an Ostrich Bibliography, for you folks who want to learn more about them.

  • Ostriches On Line has a complete Ratite Reference Center.

  • The British Domesticated Ostrich Association has a page on Ostrich farming.

  • Star K Farm has pages up on Emu and White Rheas.

    Peafowl and Pheasants (and the odd Guinea, too)

    Sorry, you pheasant folk, peafowl stuff first. This is my page!

  • For published materials on these birds see my book page


  • The Home Page of the American Pheasant & Waterfowl Society includes pictures of some exotic species.

  • Dan Cowell has a great Pheasant and Peafowl Page, with lots of information and images, including photos of some peafowl mutations.

  • The United Peafowl Association has lots of info, links, and a breeders directory.

  • Marion Smith's article on the History of Peafowl in Captivity.

  • How to raise peachicks from 3 Peas Bird Farm.

  • Here's a page on Peafowl genetics.

  • This is Amy's Peacock Paradise with images of lots of varieties in the Peafowl Varieties Database.

  • Laurence's page on the birth of a peachick.

  • Black Orchid Peafowl has a page up with photos of Purples, Silver Pieds and Javas. Birds for sale here.

  • Texas Peafowl has over 40 varieties of Peafowl, plus some pheasants and Vulturine and Crested Guineas.

  • At you can learn about them . . . and by peacock notecards and calendars.

  • Susan sells peacock feathers (and those from lots of other species).

  • Ancona's Peafowl has pictures up of many varieties. Birds for sale here.

  • See the peafowl at Deb's Funny Farm.

  • There are peafowl at the Von Russell Farm. Birds for sale here.

  • Rock-n-Cedar has images of various peafowl varieties. Birds for sale here.

  • Mike and Jody have some nice photos of Cameo Peafowl.

  • Here you can meet Chris's India Blue Peafowl.

  • Bobby Castlebury has ornamental pheasants and peafowl. Birds for sale here.

  • The Michigan Bird and Game Breeders Association has a gallery of pictures of Peafowl and Tragopans.

  • This is Western NC Nature Center's page on the Indian Peafowl

  • Glorious Peafowl, a page from The Gazette.

  • Peacocks come to "Kibbenjelok" -- living with peafowl, a page with nice pictures.

  • Here's the Peafowlareus home page, with info on incubation and peachick care.

  • There are Black-shouldered Peafowl at Lindenwood's.

  • There are Peafowl for sale at Prickeree Pines Gamebird Farm.

  • Legg's Peafowl Farm has lots of images and also birds for sale.

  • Here's a page on feral peafowl in New Zealand.

  • See the Peafowl at Birds of Paradise.

  • Various Peafowl and some ornamental pheasants are available from Mouse Creek Feather Farm.

  • Peafowl can be found at Mott's Bird Farm.

  • Various peafowl and pheasants for sale at Dickson Farm

  • Various Peafowl are for sale at Boggy Bottom Bantams.

  • Purple, Brown Wing, Buford Bronze and Indigo Peafowl are for sale at Roughwood Aviaries

  • Many varieties are available at Andy's Peafowl Sanctuary

  • Norway Pines Game Farm has Peafowl for sale.

  • Blue Valley Exotic Ornamental Bird Farm has Java Greens.

  • In spite of their name, Duckopolis has Peafowl for sale.

  • Many Peafowl are available at Spectrum Ranch.

  • Future Visions Farms has peafowl for sale.

  • India Blue varieties and Green Peafowl at Texas Peafowl Farm

  • Peafowl Leftovers:
    The Spiritual Peacock is a page on peacock allegories in India.

  • Mr. Peacock & Friends: The TV Show


  • Here's the Guinea Fowl Breeders Association.

  • This is the site of the Guinea Fowl International Association.

  • The Guinea Fowl Message Board.

  • Guinea Forl colors and patterns can be found here.

  • Drop by the Guinea Fowl General Store.

  • And here we have Lady T's Guinea Gallery, with pictures of her brooder, keets and adults.

  • Here's Frit's Farm's page on Gardening with Guineas.

  • There are guineas at Willow Hatchery.

  • There are Guineas at Birds of Paradise.

  • Again, in spite of their name, Duckopolis has guineas for sale.

  • Guineas at H and H Poultry


  • Here's the page of the World Pheasant Association.

  • Here's Squaw Creek Farm's pheasant page. Birds for sale here.

  • Grigg's Bird Heaven has lots of kinds of Pheasants.

  • Red Farm Pheasantry has one of the largest collections in Europe. their pages are in both English and Dutch. Birds for sale here.

  • This is The Gazette's page on raising and marketing Golden Pheasants.

  • There are various pheasants at Allandoo in Scotland, including Brown Eared, Mikado, Copper and Firebacks.

  • Here's Dan Cowell's Francolin and Partridge Page.

  • Fullflight Game Farm deals in pheasants, quail and partridge. Birds for sale here.

  • Laurence's "Gamebird Place" -- he's into pheasants and the like.

  • Bleueracres Game Farm has lots of pheasants for sale and also some wildfowl.

  • There are some nice images of exotic pheasants on Hidden Corner Pheasantry's page. Birds for sale here.

  • Lake Cumberland Game Bird Farm has Bob Whites, Chukars and Ringnecks for sale.

  • And Darren Stokes's Gamebird Page.

  • Olesen's Flyway has various gamebirds.

    High Plains Pheasantry has many birds for sale, including Tragopans, Mikado, Golden and Silver pheasants and various quail.

  • Pheasants in Paradise has 6 species of ornamental pheasant, plus some quail and doves, many for sale.

  • Kike's Cove Exotic Pheasants has ornamental pheasants for sale.

  • Pheasant Ridge has many species and great pictures. They sell birds, but only ship within Canada.

  • Lots of pheasants are available at Bleueracres.

  • They have 26 species at Redmon Aviary.

  • More pheasants are available from South Jordan Aviary.

    Many pheasants are available at Spectrum Ranch.

  • Many species of pheasants are available at Roman's Acres


  • Pigeon Resources has info on baby pigeon care and rescue.

  • The National Pigeon Association: America's All Breed Pigeon Club.

  • National Pigeon Association -- Fancy pigeons in Great Britain.

  • Verband Deutscher Rassetaubenzüchter e. V. is the national pigeon society of Germany.

  • a slideshow of pigeon breeds, from Europe

  • Famous pigeons in racing

  • Porumbeii de Oradea is another page on pigeons. It is in Romanian.

  • This is the Pigeon Realm.

  • Pigeon Watch has a great page with info about street pigeons.

  • Tauben Welt (Pigeon World) is only in German.

  • This is DoveLine -- the page of the American Dove Association.

  • Some photos of Bill Asby's Australian Bronze Wing Doves

  • -- Pigeon news in the Netherlands (in Dutch)

  • PigeonDB -- Pigeon Management System: The only complete online solution to help you manage your Pigeons.

  • Canary Island Breeding Station raises "over water" racers.

  • Hawkbait Lofts has racing pigeons.

  • So does Engle Lofts Racing Pigeons.

  • Here's a page of drawings of Owls and Frills.

  • World of Wings Pigeon Center deals with Homers.

  • Mick Bassett's page - he's a Breeder And Exhibitor of Fancy Pigeons.

  • How pigeons are used to run the google search engine.

    Pigeon Control - Some sites with devices to help keep pigeons off your balcony or whatever.

  • Warning!! -- do not buy from a company called Good Life. Their customer service gives false information and they don't do refunds even if you've acted by virtue of the incorrect info they gave you. Update: after I contacted the Better Business Bureau, they did give me a refund.

  • Innolytics -- The Pigeon Control Company -- long-term population control

  • Nixalite - Architectural Bird Control

  • Bird-X SPIKES block birds from their "landing strips."

  • Bird control devices from the UK

  • Here's the Deter a Pigeon site.

  • Pigeon Pinups -- New York street pigeon photos

    Lost Pigeons - Some sites to help in tracing band numbers. Note: Sometimes the owner will have printed their name or phone number on the underside of the wingfeathers. Check there first.

  • The National Pigeon Association on found pigeons

  • The Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Asscociation on tracing found pigeons


  • Game Bird and Waterfowl Breeders' E-mail Directory.

  • Quails Unlimited is America's leader in Quail conservation.

  • Dan Cowell's Quail Page has good links and will have care sheets on various species.

  • That Quail Place is another good general site with lots of info on various Quail and also Partridges.

  • Bear Bayou Quail Farm has large Bobwhites and Coturnix. Birds for sale here.

  • Grigg's Bird Heaven has lots of kinds of Quail.

  • Various quail are at Red Oak Game Birds.

  • Pheasant Ridge has many species and great pictures. Various quail are available at Spectrum Ranch.


  • If you're interested in the rare breeds of turkeys, here's the Rare Heritage Turkeys mailing list.

  • You can see many varieties of rare turkeys at Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys.

  • This is a Guide to the Recognition of Parthenogenesis in Incubated Turkey Eggs.

  • Miller Hatcheries also has a page up on Blackhead.

  • Why is a turkey called a turkey when it's not from Turkey? Here's the history of the name "turkey".

  • And here's a bunch of Royal Palms at Willow Hatchery.

  • Here's a page on Heritage Turkeys by Shady Hollow Gamebirds

  • Grigg's Bird Heaven has lots of kinds of Turkeys.

  • The World's First (and probably last) Livestock Guardian Turkey

  • Heritage turkeys at Roman's Natural Farm

    Waterfowl (Domestic): "web"-footed friend information to be found here!

  • This is the link to the British Waterfowl Association's (BWA) homepage.

  • A page on Raising Ducks from the University of Minnesota.

  • Here's the Poultry for small farmers page on raising geese.

  • The Duck Care Home Page from Cornell.s

  • A page on duck and goose nutrition and rearing by the Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food Extension.

  • Duck and Goose from Farm to Table

  • Ducks in the Classroom -- from Mink Hollow Farm

  • Origins and Breeds of Domestic Geese

  • has info on various breeds of domestic duck.

  • Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary is a rescue organization for domestic waterfowl located in Connecticut.

  • Here's another page on Abacot Rangers.

  • Here's the page of the International Waterfowl Breeders Association.

  • The Domestic Waterfowl Club in the UK also has a page up.

  • Here's Acorn Hollow Bantams, Lou Horton's bantam duck page. A couple nice articles here on feeding waterfowl and hatching waterfowl eggs. Ducks for sale here.

  • Peter, of Walnut Ridge Farm, is big on waterfowl.

  • American Buff Geese in The Netherlands

  • Duck Pictures and Facts

  • Here's Sjaak's page on Pomerse ducks (in Dutch).

  • At Quacker's Homepage you can meet Iridesa's pet ducks, see their city coop and find more duck info.

  • Tips, Guides, Knowledge, and Musings on Waterfowl

  • And many more at Gooseneck Hill Waterfowl Farm.

  • Living with geese

  • The Story of the Girl -- a feral Embden Goose

  • Gascon Geese at Sassafras Valley Farm

  • In the UK, Pond House has a variety of waterfowl for sale.

  • Los Patos y sus parientes - a Spanish waterfowl page.

  • Here's Ashton Waterfowl in the UK, where you can find Indian Runners, Call Ducks and domestic geese.

  • Axon's Waterfowl is another UK site for exhibition quality waterfowl.

  • Austin Duck Police has information about the various waterfowl living on the lakes around Austin, TX.

  • There are some wonderful waterfowl posters available from the artist Monte Dolack. I love 'em!

  • See also Wildfowl Links

    Wildfowl Links

    Farmer types may want to check out these resources

  • ATTRA - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas may be of interest to small farmers and homesteaders.

  • ARC--Animal Improvement Institute - Fowls for Africa

  • Synalaf : volailles fermières Label Rouge -- high quality free-range birds from France (in French, English and German).

  • If you're into homesteading, you might be interested in Lehman's Non-Electric Catalog.

    Vegans and animal rights extremists may feel right at home over at the United Poultry Concerns homepage. Stop over here for my flame.

    Poultry leftovers

    My friend Toni at Keepsake Eggs designs these eggs. She will do it to eggs of your own or she will find the right egg and design it for you.

  • The Random Chick-en Home Page. This one's a lot of fun.

  • If you tire of that, there's always A Chicken a Day!

  • Maybe you want to consult with the Fortune Chicken at Lipstick Mystic?

  • Maybe it's time to "chick" out your vocabulary with Chicktionary.

  • Why did the chicken cross the road? -- the chicken as operating system.

  • OK, if you don't have anything better to do, you can go be dominant at The Subservient Chicken.

  • And have you ever watched a chicken dance troop?

  • Here's The Chicken Store, where you can buy all sorts of chicken related "objects."

  • Here's "Jules," a chicken who won't scratch up your garden.

  • Or you could buy a chicken hat!

  • Or cover yourself with feathered creations from The Feathered Head.

  • Or even become a chicken.

  • NPR's "This American Life" now has its Poultry Slam programs on the web. You can play 'em with Real Audio.

  • Go watch 'em, at the Chicken Show Home Page -- see chicken imitations, crowing contest, flying chickens and more.

  • Or, is you want to sing about them, go learn "Ghost Chickens in the Sky!"

  • And here's the Green String Farm Band singing "Favorite Chicken."

  • Or you could listen to "The Sound of Chickens," by Garrison Keeler and other Prairie Home Companion folks.

  • Welcome to Chicken Radio -- The show that's about chickens, but not for the birds . . .

  • Is Life A Smoother Ride If You're A Chicken?

  • Or how to color Easter eggs?

  • How To Naturally & Vibrantly Color Eggs

  • What about feather trees for Christmas?

  • How about some chicken folk magic?

  • Here's Nina Chebry's gallery of chicken art.

  • Extraordinary Ordinary Birds -- poultry paintings by Lorna Kent

  • These are Eric Fausnacht's chicken paintings.

  • Pigeon portraits from odd man art

  • There's some great images of fowl at Leeside Farm Photography.

  • And here's Katherine Plumer Fine Art -- lots of poultry pictures and she's gonna be doing the illustrations for the next APA Standard of Perfection.

  • Here's Tamara Staples poultry photography and a review of some of her work. There's more examples at Audubon Magazine's site.

  • E. J. Curtis Fine Art: Poultry, Duck and Animal Art

  • There are very nice photos of chickens at Proud and Promising Poultry.

  • Fowl Faces: another poultry photo exhibition

  • Ceramic poultry sculpture by Terry Leigh Brooks

  • Get your life-like rooster figurines here!

  • Or, if you're the outdoorsy type and poultry crafts don't do it for you, how about goin' fishin' for chickens?

  • Historical poultry photos can be obtained here.

  • Birds in Numbers . . . or . . . whaddaya call a bunch of ducks?

    The Burning Man rooster, 2008
    Photo courtesy of Liza Jane Norman

    A street rooster in Boulder, CO
    Photo courtesy of Stefan

    A rooster statue in London
    Photo courtesy of Nadya Alexander

    Photo courtesy of Tom Lisowski


    Photo courtesy of Diana Marek

    Photos courtesy of Tom Nozkowski & Joyce Robins

    Victoria, BC

    Photo courtesy of Joyce Valenti

    Somewhere in India
    Photo courtesy of Stefan

    Somewhere in New York City

    Photo courtesy of Tom Lisowski

    Photo courtesy of Stefan

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