UPC's (United Poultry Concerns) position is that we should not eat chickens or eggs. I find this rather absurd. I'm all for humane treatment of livestock, and find cage-confining of layers and overcrowded floor-rearing of meat birds unacceptable. However, domestic chickens only exist because early humans caught some jungle fowl and selectively bred these, some to produce more eggs and some as larger birds for meat. Wild jungle fowl are eaten by leopards, hawks and so forth. Should we just kill off all chickens so that they won't be inhumanely raised and then eaten? I don't care what your diet as a human is, but you need not be a vegetarian or an animal rights activist to support humane treatment of creatures, even creatures destined to be eaten.

I think fighting for humane treatment of all creatures is worthwhile, and indeed necessary. I also think that saying that not eating domestic stock or their products--as the only humane approach--is dead end thinking.

Here's the Upchater's Home Page, with another opinion on the UPC.

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