a.k.a. Old-fashioned Styrians

A White Altsteirer telling it all
Photo © Karl Scherer

My information about this breed was mostly supplied by Birgit Gelzleichter

Altsteirers come from the Styria area of Austria and are considered endangered.

This is a hardy, broad-breasted medium-sized chicken. They are single combed, but the comb on the hen is short, with a small crest behind it. The ear lobes are small and white. Cocks weigh 2-3 kg, with hens reaching up to 2.5 kg.

This is a dual purpose breed. They lay about 180 eggs in the first year and about 150 the second year. The eggs are ivory in color. Hens tend to be nonsitters.

They are active birds and like to fly up and sit in trees.

The accepted colors are White and Partridge, although they are also found in other varieties such as Barred and Blue Gold-necked. [ed. note: The Blue and Blue Gold-necked look to me like the same variety.]

Altsteirer heads
Photo © Karl Scherer

Barred and Blue Altsteirer cockerels
Photos courtesy of

BB Red Altsteirers
Photos courtesy of Greenfire Farms

Partridge Altsteirer pullets
Photos © Karl Scherer

A Red Saddled Altsteirer cockerel
Photo © Karl Scherer

An Altsteirer bantam rooster
Photo courtesy of Lukas Ruetz

Blue Altsteirers
Photos © Karl Scherer

A Partridge Altsteirer cockerel and his head
Photos courtesy of Christopher Ebrey

A Barred Altsteirer hen
Photo courtesy of Wimmer Bernhard

Blue Gold-necked Altsteirers
Photos © Karl Scherer

White Altsteirers
Photos © Karl Scherer

Altsteirer hens
Photo courtesy of Christopher Ebrey

A BBRed rooster
Photo courtesy of Sascha Michel

Up close and personal
Photos courtesy of Lukas Ruetz

An Altsteirer Blue Gold-necked chick in the hand . . .
Photo © Karl Scherer

A White Altsteirer chick
Photo © Karl Scherer

A Red Saddled Altsteirer chick
Photo © Karl Scherer

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