Blue Andalusians

An Andalusian rooster

This lovely breed was developed in the Spanish province that gave it its name. It is difficult to breed in that you will always produce Black and Splash marked fowl in every clutch. These can be used as breeders, or layers, but are not showable. Andalusians also occur in a bantam form.

They lay a fair sized white egg and are non-setters.

Andalusian Links:

Palm Beach County Poultry Fanciers Association's Andalusian page

South Yeo Farm East

An Andalusian cock and hen
Photos © Chris d'Orgeix, Branch Creek Rare Poultry

Blue Andalusian hen
Photo courtesy of Andy Vardy

An Andalusian hen, with unknown breed in background
Photo courtesy of Karen Cohen

Yet another Andalusian female.

"Callie," my Splash Andalusian hen

Another male--couldn't get a better picture as he was too spooky and threatened to get out of the cage

A Black Andalusian pullet

"Stump," a Rumpless Splash Andalusian pullet

A group of Blue Andalusians
Photo courtesy of Mckinney & Govero Poultry

A Splash Andalusian cockerel
Photo courtesy of Rev. Rick Thompson

Another Blue Andalusian male
Photo courtesy of Nicole Pope

A young Blue pullet
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

"Silver," a four-week-old Splash Andalusian pullet
Photo courtesy of Nathan Turner

Andalusians at Our Flybabies

A Blue Andalusian chick
Photo © Chris d'Orgeix, Branch Creek Rare Poultry

More Blue Andalusian chicks
Photos courtesy of Marilyn Rhea Cheeseman (left) and Robyn Olson

The 3 types of Andalusian chicks: from top, Splash, Blue and Black
Photo © Chris d'Orgeix, Branch Creek Rare Poultry

An Andalusian chick of the Black type

More Blue Andalusian chicks, with a Splash
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A two-week-old Blue Andalusian chick
Photo courtesy of Karen Cohen

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