Nice view of the ear-tufts on a pair of Wheaten or Black-red Araucanas from the UK -- note that these British birds also have beards and mufffs, a disqualification in the US
Photos courtesy of Robert Stephenson

These rumpless (tail-less) and ear-tufted birds from South America are very hard to find. They are known for laying blue eggs.

A bantam form has been developed.

To save scrolling time, Araucana chicks have their own page.

Here's an ACA article on Araucanas.

Breed clubs:

Araucana Club of America
Fritz and Joyce Ludwig
207 Pickens Dr
Pendleton, SC 29670

Canadian Araucana Society

The Araucana Club
Mrs. A. R. Williams
Bloomfield Cottage, Oakhill, Bath, Avon, BA3 5BG
phone: 01749-840431

Araucana Links

"Col. Saunders," a many time champion standard white cock bird
Photo courtesy of Claude McAllister

Two shots of Gold Duckwing Araucana males

A standard White Araucana hen

The head of a male Araucana (from a Belgian flock)
Photo courtesy of Rony Duchesne

A standard Black hen

A Black Araucana bantam hen
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A Buff Araucana and her head
Photos courtesy of Cathy Hill

White Araucana cockerels
Photos courtesy of

A Black-breasted Red Araucana bantam cock

A Black cockerel and a pen of Blacks
Photos courtesy of Cathy Hill

Araucanas from Sweden: A Blue hen and White roosters
Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Ear tufts on a White hen
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A Black-breasted Red bantam hen
That egg was blue when I took the picture!

A pair of BB Red Araucanas (from a Belgian flock)
Photos courtesy of Rony Duchesne

A bantam Araucana cockerel
Photo courtesy of David Sapp &

Lavender Araucanas -- two cockerels and a young pullet
Photos courtesy of

Araucana bantam pullets from Germany
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

A Black Araucana rooster

"Easha," Karen Cohen's White bantam
Photo courtesy of Karen Cohen

The Black-red pair that opened the page
Photos courtesy of Robert Stephenson

"Eddan," a Black-red male from Germany
Photo courtesy of Christer Rudberg

Lavender Araucanas from Sweden
Photos courtesy of Sandra Andersson

A juvenile Araucana, showing the ear tufts clearly
Photo courtesy of Cathy Hill

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