Easter Egger Chickens

[image of 
Araucana hen]


"Button" is the tamest Easter Egger I've ever had -- and the prettiest. I love her muted colors. She'll fly right up on my arm for a treat, which can sometimes be rather bothersome, as she's no featherweight!

Easter Egger eggs!
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

Most of the so-called Araucanas in the US are mixes that carry some of the original genes and lay variously colored eggs: blue, green, or pinkish. These birds are sometimes (and more honestly) sold as Easter Egger chickens. They come in white and many other colors.

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Araucana Links

My pullet "New Girl on the Block," one of the prettiest Easter Egg birds I've had
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

[image of Araucana hen]

"Bib," a mostly white Easter Egger hen

[image of Araucana cockerel]

"Freckles" was my first Easter Egger cockerel

A Blue Easter Egger hen
Photo courtesy of Angie Brainard

[image of Araucana hen]

"Tarragon," a colored Easter Egger hen

[image of Easter Egger 

An Easter Egger cockerel

"Gizzy," another Easter Egger cockerel
Photo courtesy of Todd & Ronda Syndor

An Easter Egger pullet

Another Easter Egger pullet
Photo courtesy of Robbie Watters

A handsome EE cockerel
Photo courtesy of Ray Seney

An EE hen, "Mouse" -- before and after
Photos courtesy of Taryn Koerker

Here's Jamie & Barb's Easter Egger cockerel
Photo courtesy of Jamie & Barb Horton

A very pretty NonBearded EE that I got in 2010

This is Chase's Easter Egger pullet
Photo courtesy of Chase Newman

A couple more EE cockerels
Photos courtesy of Taryn Koerker

"Picasso" and "Seagull," a pair of Easter Eggers
Photos courtesy of Angie Brainard

Two shots of "Murray," a very handsome Easter Egger cockerel (I think)
Photos courtesy of Natalie King

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