Bionda Piemontese

Bionda Piemontese cockerel
Photo courtesy of Emilio Briganti and Rachele G.

This chicken is from the Piemonte region of Italy. Bionda translates to blonde in English, so this is the "blonde chicken from Piemonte."

The basic coloration is buff, of course, but the tail can be black, blue or white. Another variety, the Bionda di Cuneo, has red earlobes instead of white.

Roosters weigh in at around 2.5-3 kg and hens 2-2.5 kg. This is a dual purpose breed that lays 180-200 "rosy-shelled" eggs per year.

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Bionda Piemontese hens
Photos courtesy of Emilio Briganti and Rachele G.

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