Coucou de Rennes

A flock of Coucou de Rennes
Photo courtesy of Stuart Sutton -

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Le Poulailler

This ancient Breton chicken had all but disappeared 1988. A local breed which was found in the countryside surrounding Rennes and more generally throughout Brittany up to the last War. A rustic and vigorous breed, the Coucou de Rennes are renowned for the fact that they remain good layers for many years. A bird which adapts equally well to hot or cold -- even very wet regions. An average layer, the quality of its meat is unparalleled. In blind tasting tests it is a breed that always finds itself in the top places. It is impossible to compare it with commercially raised chicken as it needs four months before it is ready for cooking. A good broody. A fairly unsociable bird that ideally needs plenty of space.

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Selected by Doctor Ramé in the Rennes region of Brittany at the beginning of the 20th century. The standard set out by doctor Ramé specifies that cocks and hens are both of the same shade (dark cuckoo), though genetically the cock is often clearer. Having almost disappeared a few years ago, this breed is developing once again.

Cock: 3.5kg; hen: 3kg

A close-up of the above rooster
Photo courtesy of Stuart Sutton -

Pullet heads
Photos courtesy of Stuart Sutton

8- (male on left) and 20-week-old Coucou de Rennes
Photos courtesy of Stuart Sutton

A pair of Coucou de Rennes
Photo courtesy of Le Poulailler

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