A Crevecoeur rooster

The history of this crested French breed is not really known, although it was developed in the Normandy area and is named after a village there.

Its plumage is a lustrous green-black and it sports a V-comb. The cocks can reach a weight of 8 pounds. The somewhat smaller hens lay a white egg.

Here is an SPPA paper on the old French breeds.

Breed clubs:

Polish Breeders' Club includes the Crevecoeurr
Jim Parker
RR #6, 3232 Schooler Road
Cridersville, OH 45806

The Crested Breeds Club of Australia

The head of a Crevecoeur rooster, clearly showing the "V" comb
Photos courtesy of Heather Spaet

A Crevecoeur female

Another cockerel

A pair of Crevecoeur bantams
Photo courtesy of Jim Parker

Another pair of bantam Crevecoeur
Photo courtesy of Aubrey Webb

Another shot of the cockerel at the top of the page

Crevecoeur chicks
Photo courtesy of Mckinney & Govero Poultry

A two-week-old Crevecoeur chick
Photo courtesy of Kristin - darkwithdancing

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