Blue Jersey Giants

by Golda Miller, President Emeritus
National Jersey Giant Club

with permission from
SPPA Bulletin, 1998, 3(4):4

In regard to crossing the White Giants with the Black Giants to get Blue Giants -- I can tell you that the practice will never work. It is impossible to get Blue Giants from that cross. Let me share how Blue Giants just happened here. I never thought of trying to get Blue Giants as I had all I could do to continually improve my Blacks and Whites. This is the way it happened here at the Millers'.

One time I had a White Giant hen that had gray feathers on her back. Because I never had any other blood for 40 years, I became concerned about my flock. I wrote to genetic specialists to see what was happening. They told me that sometimes after many thousands of matings a SPORT will occur, and that is what I observed in my hen. If I should mate her with a Black Giant cock I would produce the beginning of Blue Giants. I wasn't too interested in rearing any Blues but I had a friend who wanted to try. I loaned the hen to Leo Prokop at Endicot, Nebraska. The first generation Leo produced was nearly the funniest sight I ever saw. They were big as Giants but all colors. Leo took them home from the show where he exhibited them and used a Black Giant male again on these first generation birds. The resulting offspring started to look promising so I brought home the original White hen, "Misty," along with some of her progeny. From there, the Blues came to be. How a blue bird with beautiful lacing can come from something like this will always be a miracle to me. It was real enjoyment to watch.

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