Ostfriesische Moewe

or East Frisian Gulls

An East Frisian Gull rooster
Photo © Daniela Dietrich

My information about this breed was mostly supplied by Birgit Gelzleichter

These birds come from Germany -- East Frisia, West Frisia & Westfalia -- where they are considered severely endangered. They are closely related to the Braekel and the Westfalische Totleger. [ed. note: I believe this is the same bird as, or very closely related to, the Groninger Meeuwen.] The name Gull is said to have originated because the chick's down is similar in looks to that of seagull chicks.

Accepted colors are Black Speckled Silver and Black Speckled Gold. Male and female have very different plumage patterns. Their eyes are brown and the bill is dark.

Although they rarely go broody, they make good mothers when they do. Egg production is about 180 white eggs per year.

These fast growing chickens do well on free range, although they are a bit nervous and like to fly. Roosters weigh in at 2.25-3 kg and hens from 1.75-2.5 kg.

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Ostfriesische Moewe hens
Photos © Daniela Dietrich

Another Ostfriesische Moewe rooster
Photo © Daniela Dietrich

Another hen
Photo courtesy of Sascha Michel

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