A bantam Mottled Houdan female

This old French breed is known for its fine meat and large white eggs. It is characterized by a large crest, fifth toe, and V-shaped comb (in the UK and Oz they have a butterfly comb). The Mottled Houdan is the common variety, although a White Houdan is also recognized.

As you can see, this breed also occurs in a bantam form.

Here is an SPPA paper on the old French breeds.

Breed clubs:

Polish Breeders' Club includes the Houdan
Jim Parker
RR #6, 3232 Schooler Road
Cridersville, OH 45806
e-mail: polishman@woh.rr.com

The Crested Breeds Club of Australia

Houdan-Faverolles Club de France

Houdan Links:

Houdans at Yellow House Farm

Houdan bantams at Boggy Bottom Bantams

From left to right: A Houdan rooster, hen and 4-month-old pullet
Photos courtesy of Kris Kraeuter, Brushyrun Heritage Poultry

A Mottled Houdan rooster
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

The fifth toe, as seen on a Houdan chick
Photo courtesy of Chris S.

Two White Houdan bantam pullets
Photos courtesy of Heather Spaet

The head of a Houdan cockerel
Photo courtesy of Kris Kraeuter, Brushyrun Heritage Poultry

Mary DeGayner's Houdan bantams, "Harry" and family
Photo courtesy of Mary DeGayner

A Cuckoo Houdan rooster and his head
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Two Mottled hens and a White pair in Australia
Although I'm not too sure about the comb on that White male!
Photo courtesy of Steve Gapes

Here's another White male
Photo courtesy of Robert Vanbebber

A 7-year-old cock and 5-year-old hen
Photos courtesy of Marion Wisselink

Another Mottled Houdan pullet
Photo courtesy of Katie Gray

A flock of Mottled Houdans
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Another pullet
Photo courtesy of Tim Ross

A Mottled Houdan bantam pullet
Photo courtesy of Aubrey Webb

Young Houdans
First 2 photos courtesy of Rebecca Whitford; third photo courtesy of Marion Wisselink

A Houdan chick
Photo courtesy of Karen Cohen

More Houdan chicks
Left photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker; center photo courtesy of Marion Wisselink; right photo courtesy of Rebecca Whitford

Another Houdan chick, or at least most of one
Photo courtesy of Chris S.

Three-week-old Houdan chicks
Photo courtesy of Kris Kraeuter,
Brushyrun Heritage Poultry

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