Malines or Mechels

A Mechels rooster
Photo courtesy of Jan Ubels

The Mechels was developed as a production meat bird in Belgium, in an area called Mechelen, and its flesh is of excellent flavor and quality. Today it seems only exists in a Cuckoo coloration, although in earlier times there were also Whites, Blues, Blacks and Herminées (Columbian pattern). It is a large single-combed fowl of the Asiatic type, with light feathering on its legs and feet. Males can weigh up to 11 or even 12 pounds. The hens are fair layers of tinted eggs.

A second variety of Malines exists that is called the Turkey-headed Malines. These birds have large gullets, a pea comb and almost no wattles.

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Malines at Grade Eh Farms in Canada

A normal Malines male on the left and a Turkey-headed rooster on the right
Photos courtesy of Willy Verreydt

White Malines
Photos courtesy of Silvio

Maline feet
Photo courtesy of Matthew at Grade Eh Farms

A pair of the regular type of Malines
Photo courtesy of Willy Verreydt

The head of a Turkey-headed Malines hen
Photo courtesy of Willy Verreydt

A White Malines flock
Photo courtesy of Silvio

"Elvis," "Klette," and "Mathilda" -- Susanne's Mechels
Photos courtesy of Susanne Alfs

A Black Mechels rooster
Photo courtesy of Pascal de Boeck

A Malines rooster from Israel
Photo © Boris D. Rosenthal

10-week-old Cuckoo Malines, a cockerel and a flock
Photos courtesy of Matthew at Grade Eh Farms

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