Scots Greys

a.k.a. Shepherd's Plaid, Chick Marley

A young pair of Scots Greys
Photo courtesy of henrun

This ancient breed, from at least the 1500s, was once widely distributed in the area around Lanarkshire, Scotland. It may carry both Dorking and Game blood. It is a more slender bird than the similarly marked Barred Plymouth Rock, and the barring is not as distinct. The barring on the hen is slightly larger and more clearly defined than that on the cock and the hen is darker. Black mottling is allowed on the white legs. It is a long-legged, upright standing fowl. Hens weigh 7-9 pounds and roosters 9-11 pounds.

The Scots Grey is a good, year-round layer of large whitish eggs and its flesh is reported to be extremely tasty. A vigorous breed and excellent forager, it is a good choice for a dual purpose chicken. It is usually a non-sitter.

It also occurs in a bantam form.

Breed clubs:

The Scots Grey Club
Mr. R. A. Innes
Briary Hill, Duns,
Berwickshire TD11 3PR
phone: 07747 043817

Scots Grey Links:

Scots Grey chicken information from Kintaline Poultry Centre, Oban, Argyll, Scotland

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An adult pair of Scots Greys
Photos courtesy of henrun

"Gordon," a cockerel
Photo courtesy of henrun

A Scots Grey pullet, "Morag"
Photo courtesy of henrun

A young pair of Scots Grays
Photo courtesy of Frank Pytellek

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