A nice bantam Yokohama cockerel
Photo © Josef Wolters

There are many breeds of Longtail fowl in Japan. There are Longtail birds with pea combs, which in the US are called Yokohamas. However, this is not the name of any breed in Japan, but merely the port from which the early specimens were shipped out.

Breed clubs:

Oriental Game Breeders Association
Eve Bundy
PO Box 100
Creston, CA 93432
phone: 805-237-1010

The Asian Gamefowl Society
Julia Keeling, British Representative
Ballashee, Staarvey Road, German
Isle of Man, IM5 2AJ
British Isles
phone: (+44)-1624-801825
Speciaalclub Aziatische Vechthoenrassen
Willem van Ballekom (Secretaris SAV)
Hobokenlaan 19
5628 VA Eindhoven
phone: 040-2417208

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Yokohama Articles:

Red Shoulder Genetics by Brian Reeder

A Red-shouldered Yokohama pullet and rooster

A White Yokohama male
Photo © Josef Wolters

Two shots of a Blue/Red Yokohama cock
Photos courtesy of Bruce Jenkins of Rojo's Roost

A Ginger Red Yokohama rooster
Photo courtesy of William Bender, Jr.

Two shots of a Gold Duckwing Yokohama male from the UK
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

White Yokohama roosters
Photos courtesy of Amanda Stewart

A Black Red Yokohama bantam pair
Photos courtesy of Fin Mcpherson &

And here's a pair of White Yokohamas, also from the UK
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

A Yokohama bantam pair from Germany
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

Another Red-shouldered Yokohama rooster
Photo © Josef Wolters

A Siver Yokohama female and White male
Photos courtesy of Rev. Rick Thompson

A Yokohama bantam rooster
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

More Red-shouldered Yokohama roosters
Photos courtesy of Frank Pytellek (left) and Toni-Marie Astin (right)

A Red-shouldered bantam pullet
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

A Red-shouldered cockerel
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bryant

A White Yokohama cockerel
Photo courtesy of Carlos Vega

Red-shouldered Yokohama chicks
Photo courtesy of Carlos Vega

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