Rhode Island Reds

"Rhoda," an egg farm rescue, she was very tame and a great pet hen for years

One of the best known breeds, the RIR is a good layer of large brown eggs and as a dual purpose breed also can supply a fair-sized roaster. The hens will rarely go broody and can produce around 260 eggs per year.

Developed in Rhode Island in the 1830s, various breeds were used in their makeup, including Malays, Cochins and Brown Leghorns. The single combed variety was admitted to the APA's Standard of Perfection in 1904 and the rose combed birds a year later. The cock will weigh about 8 1/2 pounds and the hens run about one pound lighter.

Breed clubs:

Rhode Island Red Club of America
Frank Harris
15483 Coatesville Rd.
Beaverdam, VA 23015
e-mail: fbharris@earthlink.net

The Rhode Island Red Club
Graham Mitchell
Lostwithiel Lodge
St Winnow, Lostwithiel, PL22 0LH
phone: 0787 6407345

The Scottish Rhode Island Red Club
Mr. David Bruce
24 Biggar Rd
Libberton, Carnwath, Strathclyde, ML11 8LX
phone: 01555-840867

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Rose Comb RIRs at Rare Feathers Farm

A good Rhode Island Red male
Photo courtesy of George Schopac

A pair of Production Reds or Cherry Eggers
Photos courtesy of Skyline Farms Hatchery

A show-quality Rhode Island Red cock and pullet

Head of a Rosecomb RIR cock
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A nice RIR male, including a bird's eye view!
Photos courtesy of Bill Fox

More RIR cockerels
Photo on left courtesy of Pam Marshall; that on right courtesy of Kayla Cole

A RIR cockerel from New Zealand
Photo courtesy of Ermin Shadich

A utility RIR hen from my flock

Another Rhodie hen
Photo courtesy of Ermin Schadich

A Rhode Island Red hen from Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Hristo Hristov

A Rose Comb RIR bantam cockerel
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Smith

A Rose Comb Rhode Island Red male, with a head shot to the right

A pair of RIR bantams
Photos courtesy of Jason Mandich

Rhode Island Red bantams; the pullet on the left was champion at a UK show in 2002
Photos courtesy of Robert Stephenson

Rhodies from Serbia
Photos courtesy of Miljan Valjarevic

Two shots of "Rose," my Rosecomb RIR pullet
Photos courtesy of Karen Pardini

Another pair of Rhode Island Reds
Photos courtesy of Don Nelson

A pair of RIR bantams from Australia
Photos courtesy of Jayden Brown

A RIR rooster from the UK
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Production Red chick
Photo courtesy of Paul Stump

"Lucy" on the left, and with a friend on the right
Photos courtesy of Alice Fencl

Another RIR chick
Photo courtesy of Marta Sundal

More RIR chicks for your enjoyment
Photo courtesy of Mckinney & Govero Poultry

An RIR chick
Photo courtesy of Senia

A brooder full of one-week-old RIR chicks
Photo courtesy of Randy Amos

"Oh my, that's a big world!
Photo courtesy of Jacob Duffee

Well? . . . We gotta eat, too
Photo courtesy of Lisa Feitshans

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