Sebright Bantams

A Silver Sebright pullet
Photo courtesy of Beth Adams

Sebright bantams are among the most eye-catching birds in the world of poultry in both their varieties. The Silver Sebright is a white bird with black lacing on all its feathers. The Gold has the black lacing on a base color of golden brown. The 26 ounce rooster outweighs the hen by 4 ounces. The birds carry a rose comb and the males must be hen-feathered, as are some Campines.

The Sebright is one of the true bantams. That means there is no standard (large) version of the breed. The breed was developed by Sir John Sebright early in the 1800s and has the distinction of being the only breed of chicken named for an individual.

Breed clubs:

Sebright Club of America
Mary Ann Bonds
PO Box 136
Ila, GA 30647
phone: 706-789-2869

The Sebright Club
Mr. Jamie Robinson
Acre View, Granville Terrace
Sutton Bridge, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE12 9ST
phone: 01406 351092

The Danish Sebright & Rosecomb Club
Helen Orndorf
Bondesvadvej 169 Rold
DK 8300
Odder, Denmark
tel.: + 45 86 56 02 07

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A pair of Golden Sebrights at Bloomsburg, PA, May 1997

A Silver Sebright male

A pair of Chamois Sebrights from Spain
Photos courtesy of Cristóbal Crespo

A Golden Sebright male from Switzerland
Photo courtesy of Dale Magee

An Eikenburger, a White Sebright from Belgium
Photo courtesy of Johan Opsomer

A pair of Citron Sebrights
Photo courtesy of Carolyn Southern

A Golden Sebright male
Photo courtesy of Claude McAllister

Another Silver Sebright pullet

More Golden Sebrights, a pair and a pullet
Photos courtesy of Jacob Bates

Judy's Golden Sebright rooster "Supper"
Photo courtesy of Judy Kelly

A Lilac Sebright
Photo courtesy of Dan Powell

Golden (left) and Silver Sebright males from Belgium
Photos courtesy of Johan Opsomer

"Silverado," a four-month-old cockerel
Photo courtesy of Kris Kraeuter

A Silver Sebright rooster from Austria
Photo courtesy of Lukas Ruetz

A Golden Sebright male from the UK
Photo courtesy of Helena Gardner

Silver Sebrights from Oz
Photos courtesy of Greg Vonarx

And some Golden Sebright pullets, also from Oz
Photo courtesy of James Wong

Several shots of a nice Gold Sebright cock (note his spike isn't correct)
Photos courtesy of Julie Rountree

A nice Silver cockerel from the UK
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

A pair of Golden Sebrights from Turkey
Photo courtesy of Cemil Parlakay

Golden Sebrights on range in Switzerland
Photo courtesy of Dale Magee

A Golden Sebright cockerel from South Korea
Photo courtesy of Lee Seong Woon

Silver Sebright chick
Photo courtesy of Mitchell Warne

Golden Sebright chicks
Photo courtesy of Longshadow Farms

Slightly older Golden Sebright chicks
Photos courtesy of Shiraz Iskenderian

Silver Sebright chicks at one day and one week
Photos courtesy of Craig Payne

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