White Faced Black Spanish

The head of a White Faced Black Spanish cock

Admitted to the American Poultry Association in 1874, the WFB Spanish is probably the oldest breed of the Mediterranean Class. There are British records of the breed as far back as 1572.

This is a nonsitting fowl which produces large, chalk-white eggs. It's distinguishing features are the white face and the large, low hanging white earlobes.

In the days before heavy commercial egg farming in the US, Spanish were found on many small farms and were known as "Clown Faced Chickens."

Spanish Links:

Palm Beach County Poultry Fanciers Association's White-Faced Black Spanish page

Bantam WFBS at Troost Poultry

Old Dominion Dominiques also has WFBS

The difference: Minorca on left, Spanish on right
Photos courtesy of Helena Gardner

From the front!
Photo courtesy of Malcolm Winson

Hen face
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A White Faced Black Spanish hen
Photo © Chris d'Orgeix, Branch Creek Rare Poultry

A snowbound Spanish cockerel
Photo © Chris d'Orgeix, Branch Creek Rare Poultry

A head shot of a White Faced Black Spanish bantam male

A pair of Spanish
Photo © Chris d'Orgeix, Branch Creek Rare Poultry

A bantam WFBS cockerel from Germany
Photo courtesy of Sascha Michel

Another head shot of the cock at the top of the page

Here's a shot of a trio of White Faced Blue Spanish, developed in the UK by Dave Scrivener
Photo courtesy of Nick Nick (The Chicken Mother!)

Another WFB Spanish cockerel and his head
Photos courtesy of Rosenthal Dov Israel

Two views of a WFB Spanish rooster
Photos courtesy of Joel Johnson

WFBS from Austria
Photo courtesy of Lukas Ruetz

A young pair of Splash WFBS from Brazil
Photo courtesy of Joao Batista Zanin

WFBS bantams: hen, cockerel's head and cockerel
Photos courtesy of Hutton Mole

A WFBS chick
Photo © Chris d'Orgeix, Branch Creek Rare Poultry

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