Suffolk Chequer bantams

A Suffolk Chequer rooster
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Suffolk Chequers were developed by Trevor Martin starting in the 1990s. He didn't like the look of Barred Rock bantams, thought they didn't have enough tail and didn't like the body carriage so he set out to develop a breed that was similar but had more even barring as well as more tail and a more upright body type. His starting stock were a Barred Rock bantam cock and a small hen of unknown parentage. He worked with them for 14 years before he was satisfied with the results.

Suffolk Chequer Links:

Trevor Martin's Suffolk Chequer site

A Suffolk Chequer hen
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Drawing courtesy of Trevor Martin

Good tail on the left, bad on the right
Photos courtesy of Trevor Martin

Another Suffolk Chequer cockerel
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

This rooster was Best of Breed at the UK 2013 Nationals
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

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