Svart Höna

Swedish Black Hen

A flock of Svart Höna
Photo © Johanna Olsson

This breed is from the west coast valley of Sweden. It is a sturdy and calm bird and a good layer. The formal name of this breed is the "Bohuslän - Dals Svarthöna" because it is from those two counties in Sweden.

Svarthöns are always black and weigh around 5 to 7.5 pounds (2 to 3 kilos). Like Silkies, they have black skin, bones and meat.

Svart Höna Links:

A cockerel's head
Photo courtesy of Greenfire Farms

Svart Höna roosters
Photos © Johanna Olsson

Svart Höna hens
Photo © Johanna Olsson

Another Svart Höna male and his head
Photo courtesy of Reed Baize

A pair of Swedish Black Hens
Photo courtesy of the Svenska Lanthönsklubben

A group of young Swedish Blacks
Photo © Johanna Olsson

A Swedish Black rooster
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

A Svart Höna hen taking a dust bath
Photo © Johanna Olsson

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