Aylesbury Ducks

This Aylesbury drake took Best in Show at some 2003 show in the UK
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

This slow moving and very tame English breed has a large, deep-keeled body. Old males should weigh around 10 pounds and old ducks about 9 pounds. Aylesburies are excellent roasting fowl. They have long, straight pinkish-white bills, orange legs, and their skin is white, unlike most other domestic ducks, which have yellow skin.

Here's an SPPA article on Aylesburys.

Aylesbury Links:

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You can find Aylesburies at Jack the Goose's farm

An Aylesbury female
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

An Aylesbury drake
Photo courtesy of Bart Poulmans

An Aylesbury from Oz, whose bill has been yellowed by its diet
Photo courtesy of Jessica Williams

Aylesbury ducklings from Australia
Photo courtesy of Jessica Williams



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