Crested Ducks

[photo of a crested duck's head]


With the powder-puff of feathers on its head, the Crested Duck is truly striking. It is a medium-weight dual purpose breed. The ducklings grow fairly quickly, making them good birds for the table, and they are good layers.

An adult drake weighs about 7 pounds, and his mate about 6. The Standard of Perfection (USA) recognizes two forms: Black and White. Other varieties, such as Grey (Mallard coloration), Buff and Blue have been developed by breeders, and crests may appear on others, such as the female shown on this page. Crests should be large and sit symmetrically on the center of the head. The body should be carried nearly horizontally.

The crested gene in these ducks is linked to a lethal condition during incubation. Ducklings carrying both genes (homozygous) for the crest do not survive to hatch. Of those that do hatch, typically 1/3 of them will not have crests. It is easy for breeders to see how the crests will develop on the newly hatched duckling, so that they can select stock to raise and sell off the rest as day-olds, rather than having to feed them until they grow up.

The Bali is the Runner Duck version of a Crested Duck.

Breed clubs:

The Crested Breeds Club of Australia

Crested Duck Links:

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Crested Ducks at Country Ranch

A Crested White drake

Head shot of a White Crested Drake
Photo courtesy of Tom Barker

Another Crested White drake

"Crestopher," a female Crested Duck

A White Crested duck, with her Runner Duck friend
Photo courtesy of Michelle

A White Crested hen
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

A White Crested female from Sweden
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

This is a miniature Crested drake and duck from the UK
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

The great "doo" on my Crested hen "Leslie"
Photo courtesy of Stefan

A pretty Crested female
Photo courtesy of Kristy Morrow

A Crested drake
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

A pair of Cresteds on a pond
Photo courtesy of Jim and Carol Mooar

A Crested Blue & White Ancona drake
Photo courtesy of Katrin Becker

A Crested Khaki Campbell duckling
Photos courtesy of Randy Rose

A Black Crested Duck, probably a crested Swedish
Photo courtesy of John Steer

My Crested drake "Liberace"
Photo courtesy of Karen Pardini

Crested Calls: A Blue Fawn drake and a Blue duck
Photos courtesy of Jay & Amy Hollon

More Crested Calls: A White and a Magpie
Photos courtesy of Jay & Amy Hollon

A day-old Crested Pekin duckling
Photo courtesy of Karen Cohen

Two more Crested ducklings
Photo courtesy of Jason Chambers

Four Crested Call ducklings
Photo courtesy of Jay & Amy Hollon



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