Golden Cascade Ducks

A Golden Cascade drake
Photo courtesy of Marilyn Coulson

As far as I understand it, Golden Cascades were introduced to the market in 1984 as a dual purpose breed. They lay well from January through August, take a few weeks off and start again til the end of the season. Spring ducklings will often begin laying in the fall.

Ducks are buff in color. The drakes have greenish-bronze heads, white collars, reddish breasts and creamy undersides. They tend to weigh from 6-8 pounds.

I have heard that the ducklings can be sexed by bill color.

A Golden Cascade duck
Photo courtesy of Marilyn Coulson

Head shots of Golden Cascades, drake on the left
Photos courtesy of Marilyn Coulson

A pair of Golden Cascade ducks
Photo courtesy of Marilyn Coulson



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