Rouen Ducks

An excellent Rouen drake
This bird was Champion Duck at the September, 1997, show in Cobleskill, NY

Rouen (pronounced roan) ducks are a large breed of duck with the same color pattern as the wild mallard.

Show-quality Rouens have a very large, almost dragging, keel: the flesh hanging under the breast and between the legs. You can see this on the drake above and the hen just below. The birds pictured lower on the page are farmyard Rouens. These are the birds you typically get when acquiring ducks from commercial hatcheries.

Rouen Links:

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Duckopolis has Rouens

A very nice trio of exhibition Rouens
Photo courtesy of Pete Akers

Nice exhibition Rouens from the UK
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

A nice Rouen female

Jaclamar's Rouen ducks

A Rouen drake in France
Photo courtesy of Stuart Sutton -

Jaclamar's Rouen drake

A Rouen drake from Sweden
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

And Kelli's drake "Pretty Jack"
Photo courtesy of Kelli King

My Rouen ducks, "Incumbent" and "Dark Horse"

A nicer shot of "Dark Horse"

My exhibition quality duck "Mattress"

This is another exhibition quality Rouen duck
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

A Pastel Rouen drake
Photo courtesy of Suzanne Akers

Young Rouens
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

What ducks do: "Mattress" napping . . . or . . . let sleeping ducks lie
Photo courtesy of Stefan

A clutch of Rouen ducklings
Photo courtesy of Pete Akers

A nice head shot
Photo courtesy of Pete Akers

Another Rouen duckling
Photo courtesy of Magnum Dampier

Yet another Roue duckling
Photo courtesy of Eli Martell-Crawford



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