Indian Runner Ducks

A White Runner drake

Talk about silly! Here's a bird to make the hardest of heart laugh. A bowling pin on feet. And they're always in a hurry. Runner ducks were developed as egg-layers and can outproduce any chicken in number of eggs laid per year.

The American Standard of Perfection recognizes 8 varieties of Runners: Fawn and White, White, Penciled (the same as the UK variety Fawn and White), Black, Buff, Cumberland Blue, Chocolate, and Gray (Mallard plumage). Several more varieties are recognized in the UK and on the continent.

There's a book available on the history of Runner Ducks: The Indian Runner Duck: A Historical Guide by C. & M. Ashton, 2002, 202 pp., Feathered World, ISBN: 0907769330. Available from The Indian Runner Duck Association:

A 2.7 second, 430K movie of "Tanya Ducker," my Grey Runner Duck, in a hurry.

Breed Clubs:

Indian Runner Duck Association
Sec. Chris Ashton
Red House, Hope,
Welshpool, Powys
01938 554011 e-mail:

The Indian Runner Club
Mr P Meatyard
Denham, Higher Back Way
Bruton, Somerset BA10 0DW
phone: 01749 812758

Runner Duck Links:

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The Domestic Waterfowl Club on Runners

Here's another site to see lots of Runners, some of show quality

The Indian Runner Duck at Ashton Waterfowl

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Indian Runners at e-chickens

Here are Walt Leonard's White Indian Runners

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You can find Runner Ducks at Jack the Goose's farm

A different view
Photo courtesy of Senia Phillips

My Buff Runner, "Christine"

My Buff Runner hen "Priscilla"

A Penciled Runner drake

That's my Blue Runner "Long Tall Sally" with the Silvers, "Long John" and "Longine"
Photo ©Frank Quinn

A very nice pair of White Runners
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

A Black drake

A Streicher Runner drake from the UK
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

A Blue Runner drake from the UK
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

A pair of Gray or Trout Runners

A nice Buff Runner
Photo courtesy of
Frances A. Bassom

Jeff Iurato's Penciled Runner and White Runner drakes
Photos courtesy of Jeff Iurato

An Apricot Runner hen from Sweden
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Fawn & White and Saxony Runner drakes from the UK
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Saxony Runner pair
Photo courtesy of William Streeter

Another shot of the Blue Runner duck "Long Tall Sally"
Photo courtesy of Sharon Alworth

My Grey Runners "Jackie" and "Randall"

Here are "Randall" and "Jackie" again
the day after their namesakes got married

A Pastel Runner
Photo courtesy of Susan Kelley

Trout or Grey Runner hens from the UK
Photos courtesy of Robert Stephenson

Pencilled Runners
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

My Pencilled Runner hen "Clown"

Saxony Runners: A drake and 2 ducks
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

White Runners, females
Photo on left courtesy of Donna Schopac, photo on right courtesy of Dustin & Kristie Wilson

Best White Runner from a UK show in 2002
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

Fawn Runners -- on the left the color called Fawn in the US, and on the right the UK version of Fawn
Photo on left courtesy of Kelli King, photo on right courtesy of Robert Stephenson

"Anna," Jason's Fawn and White Runner
Photo courtesy of Jason Chambers

This is what you can get if you cross 2 Blue Runners: Blue, Black and Splash
Photo courtesy of Kelly Merchant

"Kristina Kwacz" -- this utility Buff Runner has undergone a sex change -- note the drake feather. She was a '98 hatched bird and developed the male plumage and stopped laying in about 2001

Or I suppose you could get a two-headed Blue Runner if you really wanted a laugh (OK, OK, it's a pair)
Photo courtesy of Michael Cassetta & Kitty Monell

Now here's an oddity! Jenny's Runner likes to fly . . . she can only go about 40 feet at a clip, but it's still not very Runnerlike
Photo courtesy of Jenny MacLeod

Buff Runner ducklings

More runner ducklings
Photos courtesy of Kelli King

Still more Runner Ducklings
Photo courtesy of Jason Chambers

A Black Runner duckling
Photo courtesy of Kenny Coogan



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