Saxony Ducks

A nice Saxony drake from the UK
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

This is a German heavy breed of duck -- a dual purpose bird for both eggs and meat. The drakes are colored somewhat like a faded Mallard, the ducks a soft buff; both have a hint of greyish-blue to their plumage. Males weigh 8 pounds, females around 7.

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A Saxony duck
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

A Saxony bantam drake
Photo courtesy of Francienne & Peter Quinn

The Quinn's Saxony bantam trio, "Huey," "Dewey" and "Louie"
Photo courtesy of Francienne & Peter Quinn

A Saxony drake and young duck from Australia
Photos courtesy of Sharon Kennedy-Miles

Another pair of Saxony Ducks
Photos courtesy of Brice Wonders

Head shots of a Saxony duck and drake
Photo courtesy of Nils Bergstrom

Saxony hens from the UK (left) and Germany
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson (left) and Sascha Michel

The head of a young Saxony drake
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

My Saxony hen "Clare"

Four-week-old Saxonys
Photo courtesy of Nils Bergstrom

Saxony ducklings at 8 weeks of age
Photo courtesy of Nils Bergstrom

A crate of American Saxony ducks
I was at a poultry show, and someone was selling these birds. The sign said it was a new breed, so I quick took a picture. Does anyone know anything about them? If so, please enlighten me! Thanks.

Saxony ducklings
Photos courtesy of Nils Bergstrom



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