Blue Swedish

Svensk blå anka

A Blue Swedish
Photo courtesy of the Svenska Lanthönsklubben

These medium weight birds have white bibs and on good specimens the outer 2 primaries on the wings are also white. Like many fowl, they do not breed true in the Blue form, so that out of a breeding of 2 Blues you will get 50 percent Blue, 25 percent Black and 25 percent Silver or Splash.

These ducks are hardy and are good foragers.

A flock of Blue Swedes
Photo courtesy of Josh Troutman

A pair of Blue Swedes, female on the left

A drake of the Black phase of the Blue Swedish
Photo courtesy of Kelli King

Another Blue Swede hen
Photo courtesy of Kyle & Deb Yacobucci

Tammy's Blue Swedish duck
Photo courtesy of Tammy Showalter & Robert Douglas

More Blue Swedish ducks
Photos courtesy of Josh Troutman

A Blue Swedish hen from the UK
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

A day-old Blue Swedish duckling
Photo courtesy of Karen Cohen

A Black Swedish (left) and two Blue Swedish ducklings
Photos courtesy of Jason Chambers



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