Old English Game Bantams

"Nigel," a Blue/Red OEG bantam

For lots of images of the different varieties of this breed, stop by the pages of the Northwest Old English Game Bantam Club.

If you are involved with these birds, here's a book you really should know about:
Old English Game Bantams as Bred and Shown in the United States by F. P. Jeffrey and William Richardson, 1995 (126 pp., Old English Game Bantam Club of America, 316 Sullivan Rd., Simpsonville, SC 29680, 864-299-0901, e-mail: Syg4138@aol.com). If you are breeding or showing OEG bantams, this book is a must! Chapters discuss their history, standards, judging, conditioning, principles of breeding and genetics of OEG bantams, and all the various color varieties, including 48 color photos of those.

From the UK we have a new book: Old English Game Colour Guide by Dr. J. Batty. Totally filled with pictures of OEGs, both large and bantam, there's no logic to the order of things that I can see, but if you want pictures of many colors of OEG, this is the book for you. It is available from Beech Publishing.

It should be noted that the body styles of US and UK OEG bantams differ noticeably. Here's a page with UK OEG bantams.

Breed clubs:

Old English Game Bantam Club of America
Sharon Garrison
316 Sullivan Rd.
Simpsonville, SC 29680
e-mail: syg4138@aol.com

American Game Bantam Club
Lacy Greer
19006 E. Karsten Dr.
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

The Old English Game Bantam Club
Mr. M. J. Woolway
31 Pencefnarda Road, Penrheol,
Gorseinon, West Glamorgan SA4 4FY
phone: 01792-894433

Old English Game Bantam Brassy Back Club
Ronald Johnson
215 New Hope Cove Road
Rockwood, TN 37854

OEG bantam Links:

Kemp's Koops -- you'll find interesting articles on Blacks, Mottleds, and Gold Duckwings here

Blue Ribbon/Old English Game Bantams

Here's Blue Ribbon's page on dubbing

The Borges family raises BBR OEG bantams

Carl Stough on OEG bantams

Blue Ridge Bantams has Quail, Brassy Back & Crele OEGs -- birds for sale here

Rocky Top Bantams has Black & Fawn Silver Duckwings -- birds for sale here

McCutchen Old English Bantams - Whites

Rojo's Roost

Pierce County Bantams has a good list of OEG bantam links

Boisfort Exhibition Poultry specializes in Crele OEGB

Here is Longfeathers Ornamental and Exotics page on Old English Game Bantams

OEGBs at Redmond's Rare Poultry Roost

Silver Duckwing OEGBs at DTsfowl

Christine's OEG bantams

A couple of Fawn OEG roosters
I just saw my first Fawns in 1997. I think they're really gorgeous.

My Fawn OEG "Bambi," in full crow

"Brassy," a Brassyback OEG bantam cock

Another Brassyback male
Photo courtesy of Bill Richardson

A Brassyback hen
Photo courtesy of Josh Hoffman

A Silver Duckwing OEG bantam hen, "Ruth"
Photo courtesy of Katie

"Syllable," a Blue-Silver Duckwing OEG bantam cock

A trio of Black-breasted Red OEG bantams
Photo courtesy of Nora L. Hatton

Joey Liistro's Spangled OEG bantam cockerel, "Dominos"
Photo courtesy of Joey Liistro

A breeding pen of White OEGBs
Photo courtesy of Frank Lambert

A pair of Mottled OEGs

"Friendly," my White OEG bantam cock

A Lemon Blue pullet

A Wheaten OEG female
The males of this breed look just like the Black- breasted Reds above

Two males, a Self Blue and a Silver Duckwing

Joey's Blue OEG bantams "Smokey" and "Jacky"
Photos courtesy of Joey Liistro

Frizzled Golden Duckwing OEG bantams
Photos courtesy of Parker Padilla

[More OEG bantams]

Mille Fleur OEG chicks

Mottled OEG bantam chicks
Photos courtesy of Taryn Koerker

Silver Quill OEGB chicks
Photos courtesy of Linda

More Mille Fleur OEGB chicks
Photos courtesy of Linda

Pearl and Blue Mille Fleur OEG bantam chicks
Photos courtesy of Taryn Koerker

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