A Black Breasted Red Malay cock

This hard-feathered old breed arrived in England from Asia, possibly as early as 1830. It was a very popular fowl in England until it lost favor due to the popularity of the newly introduced Cochins.

BBR Malays were admitted to the APA's Standard in 1883. At present, Black, White, Spangled, and Red Pyle are also recognized, as well as Wheaten females. Cocks should weigh 9 pounds and hens 7.

These birds are very long-legged, and the broad skull and projecting eyebrows give them a sinister expression. Malays have a strawberry comb. The outline of the back, from head to tip of tail, should describe 3 convex curves. They have yellow skin and lay dark brown eggs quite infrequently.

One of the Game Fowl, originally used for cock-fighting, the Malay is quite pugnacious. It is intolerant of other roosters and may attack anyone who goes near it's hens.

Breed clubs:

The Asian Hardfeather Club
Julia Keeling, secretary
Ballashee, Staarvey Road, German
Isle of Man, IM5 2AJ
British Isles
phone: (+44)-1624-801825

The Asian Gamefowl Society or Speciaalclub Aziatische Vechthoenrassen
Willem van Ballekom (Secretaris SAV)
Hobokenlaan 19
5628 VA Eindhoven
phone: 040-2417208

German Malay Club (Sonderverein Deutscher Malaienzüchter)
Werner Lamkemeyer
MŠrkischerweg 45A
48282 Emsdetten
phone: (+49)-2572-82546
fax: 089-66617-58433

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Stewart Longtails has Malay

A Silver Duckwing Malay hen's head, closeup!
Photo courtesy of Val Kelly & Les Abbott

BB Red Malay -- cockerel and head shot
Photos courtesy of Horst W. Schmudde

A BBR Malay female

A clear frontal shot of a Malay cockerel
Photo courtesy of Val Kelly and J & B Hutchinson

A Dark Malay pullet

Two shots of an 18-month-old Malay weighing about 12 pounds
Photos courtesy of a friend in the UK

Two shots of a Wheaten Malay hen -- note her spurs
Photos courtesy of Robert Buhat

A Red Pyle Malay rooster
Photo courtesy of Horst W. Schmudde

A White Malay cockerel
Photo courtesy of Edward Augustine

And a White Malay cock
Photo courtesy of Marina & Ed

Another Wheaton pullet
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A White Malay rooster from Germany
Photo courtesy of Sascha Michel

A Malay cockerel and a 10-month-old pullet
Photos courtesy of AK Goodrich

A flock of young Malays
Photo courtesy of Marina & Ed

Another frontal shot of a Malay rooster
Photo courtesy of Philip Urrutia

A Wheaten Malay bantam pullet
Photo courtesy of Toni Ransfield

Another BB Red Malay cockerel
Photo courtesy of Rev. Rick Thompson

BB Red Malay chicks from different angles
Photos courtesy of Diana Suarez

Three-week-old Black-breasted Red Malay chicks
Photo courtesy of Marina & Ed

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