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All the standard colors
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The Modern Game Club UK has about 180 members in 7 countries. Many overseas members join to get the large informative newsletters twice yearly. This page has been submitted by the club as the Internet is a great place to advertise minority hobbies on a world basis and this site is an especially good starting point.
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The Modern Game Club UK, Secy.:
Jennifer O'Sullivan
42 Sussex Ave.
Kent TN24 8NB

Subscriptions: 7, Badge: 3
(overseas members must send a sterling draft)

Modern Game are a man-made breed originating from the fighting game fowl. They were developed between 1850 and 1900 and their full history is well documented in the old poultry books. With the advent of poultry shows, following the abolition of cock fighting in England in 1849, judges started looking for taller birds, shorter hackle and smaller tails. During this 50 year period Exhibition Modern Game evolved and later the word Exhibition was dropped from the name. They went through quite a decline after their pinnacle in 1910 but are now increasing in popularity again. The bantams are as popular now as they were in the old days and the large are increasing gradually in the UK. The Club has looked after the large since 1979 and has about 14 members keeping the large fowl at present.

The bird should have an upstanding carriage with a short flat back and heart shaped body. It is hard feathered with a whip tail. Modern Game are often referred to as "the showman's breed."

The UK Club has 13 colours standardised, that means recorded standard of colour, type, weight and show points of excellence. These standards have to be passed by the Poultry Club of Great Britain. The standard colours are: Black Red, Wheaten, Pile, Golden Duckwing, Silver Duckwing, Birchen, Brown Red, Black, Blue, White, blue Red, Silver Blue, and Lemon Blue. The weights are 16 to 22 ozs (450 to 620g) for bantams and 5 to 9 lb (2.25 to 4.10kg) for large fowl.

Photos from the 1999 National.

There are a few photos available from the 1998 National show.

And here are a few photos from the 1997 National show.

Modern Game Club UK Illustrated Standards

New Book: Modern Game Standards (for the UK)

Large Modern Piles

Large Duckwing Male

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