Modern Game Bantams

My favorite Modern bantams are the Splash Lemon Blues, like my rooster "Ohio" -- shown here with his Lemon Blue hen "Little Bluebird"

There's a nice article on Moderns on my large Modern Game page.

Breed clubs:

The Modern Game Bantam Club of America
Bonnie Sallee
POB 697
Pine Grove, CA 95665

Modern Game Club UK
Emily de Gray

Modern Game Bantam Links:

Birchen Modern bantams at Catalpa Grove Farm

The Country Chicken

"Anachronism," my favorite White Modern Game bantam

Glen Cryar's Lemon Blue Modern bantam male
Photo courtesy of Dennis Sherer

A Black Breasted Red Modern bantam cockerel
Photo courtesy of Beth Adams

A pair of Splash Lemon Blue Moderns

A pair of Red Pyle Modern bantams

A Barred Modern Game bantam cockerel

"Curly," my undubbed Birchen Modern bantam cockerel

My Black Breasted Red bantam cockerel "Rumpel"

Donna's BBRed bantam hen
Photo courtesy of Donna Schopac

A bantam Red Pyle cockerel
Photo courtesy of Greg Davies

A Gold-duckwing Modern bantam cockerel

Lemon Blue and Birchen MGB hens
Photos courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A very good Silver-duckwing Modern Game bantam rooster
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Brown/Red female Modern Game bantam

Two shots of a Black cockerel

A Birchen bantam cockerel
Photo courtesy of Gordon Hill

Two shots of my White Modern cockerel

And his White Modern pullet

Lemon Blue Modern Game bantam cockerels -- the first two shots are of the same bird

Two shots of a Lemon Blue pullet

A Birchen Modern Game bantam pullet
Photo courtesy of Riley W.

A trio of Fawn Modern Game bantams, plus shots of the male and female

Here's another Splash Lemon Blue Modern Game bantam rooster
Photo courtesy of Ellen Azorin

A Birchen Modern bantam pullet
Photo courtesy of Henry Rots

"Tyler" is one of my pets - he's a Modern, but his mother was a Fawn and his father a Splash Lemon Blue
Photo courtesy of Ginger Carson

Two more shots of "Tyler"
Photos © Pamela S. Martin

A Birchen Modern Game bantam chick
"Lookit them thar laigs!!"

Two shots of a Splash Lemon Blue Modern bantam chick -- look at those legs!

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