Perfection Greys Old English

Doyle Lovingood
Tellico Plains, TN

with permission from
SPPA Bulletin, 1999, 4(3): 4

Photo courtesy of SPPA Bulletin,

The Pefection Grey Old English were bred extensively in Cornwell, England, as long ago as the early 1800's. They were not recognized as a variety in the United States until the 1930's.

Vintage Perfection Greys Old English from J.D. Perry were used primarily for crossing to Lacy Roundhead. J.D. called them the Perfect Chickens. Ned Stroud of Georgia acquired his Vintage Perfection Greys from J.D., and I acquired my stock from Ned.

Perfection Greys mature at six pounds for cocks and around four pounds for hens. They are very quick and active, foraging widely if allowed to run. With their striking black and white markings and green colored legs, they are one of the most beautiful of our rare varieties. The skin is yellow and the breast is plump like wild game birds. Hens lay tinted eggs and are good setters. Baby chicks are marked with mostly light and dark stripes. Young birds should be allowed to molt one time before showing.

Color of the Cock
Comb: Red (should be dubbed), single, medium size
Head: Creamy white
Neck: Creamy white
Back: Creamy white
Tail: Black
Wings - shoulders, Front, Bows: Black
Breast: Black
Undercolor: Black
Legs: Green

Color of Hen
Comb: Red, single, medium size
Head: Ashy gray
Neck, hackle: Ashy gray
Back: Ashy gray
Tail: Black
Wings - shoulders, Fronts, Bows: Deep gray
Breast: Gray
Undercolor: Gray
Legs: Green

The Perfection Greys Old English are excellent show birds. Healthy, well bred fowl are smart, side stepping, high breaking, hard shuffling, excellent fighting machines. For show or pit I find them hard to beat.



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