American Buff Geese

An American Buff gander

This is a medium-sized goose: an old gander would weigh in at about 18 pounds and an old goose at 16. Eyes are dark hazel and the bill, shanks and feet are orange.

Here's an SPPA article on the Buff Goose

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An American Buff gander from the UK
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

An American Buff

The pair in the back are American Buffs
In the foreground are Pilgrim Geese
Photo courtesy of Mary Gano

A flock of Buffs from Sweden
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

"Henry" (left) and "Abby," 3-month-old American Buffs
Photos courtesy of Brandon Everett

Another Buff gander
Photo courtesy of Kyle & Deb Yacobucci

Young Tufted Buff geese
Photos courtesy of Phillip Nelson

Two female Tufted American Buffs
Photos courtesy of Andrea Heesters

Two pairs of Buffs from Sweden
Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Head shots of two female Tufted Buffs
Photos courtesy of Andrea Heesters

A flock of young Tufted American Buffs
Photo courtesy of Andrea Heesters

Another American Buff goose
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Buff hen and juvenile from Sweden
Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

This is "Pops," my Lavender Ice American gander
I don't know my geese well enough to know if the Lavender Ice should be listed under American or under Buff as a variety

Tufted Buff goslings, at hatching and shortly after
Photos courtesy of Andrea Heesters



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