Chinese Geese

"Paté," my old Brown China gander

I got "Paté" in 1978, and he was at least 3 years old at that time. We were good buddies and he'd "talk" to me whenever I called "goose, goose."
He passed away on 17 July 1998.
His granddaughter Bandit lived to be 26.

China Goose Links:

Brown Chinas at CornerStone Farm

Jack the Goose's farm

A clear view of the knob on a China gander
Photo courtesy of Erin Reid

A group of White Chinas
Photo courtesy of Beth Upton

And for balance, a flock of Brown Chinas
Photo courtesy of Julie Hendricks

A couple of White Chinas, with a Canadian goose in the background
Photo courtesy of Beth Upton

A very nice Brown China gander from Britain
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

How nice a White China looks on the water!
Photos courtesy of Jim and Carol Mooar (left) and Ronald Lazar(right)

Brown China Geese, the male is on the left

White China pair from Sweden
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

A pair of Brown Chinas from Malta
Photo courtesy of Christian Cutajar

Here's another shot of "Paté," at the age of at least 23, possibly older

Another knob shot -- a show quality bird would not have any orange on the knob
Photo courtesy of David Townsend

Unless it was a White China
Photo courtesy of Ronald Lazar

My pair of Brown Chinas -- "Obelisk" & "Eep" -- in their usual semi-aggressive stance - but they know better than to take it farther!!
Photo courtesy of Kelly Merchant

Another pair of Brown chinas, male on the left
Photos courtesy of Chris Ervay

A three-year-old Brown China gander
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Fawn's White China trio
Photo courtesy of Fawn Schneider

More Brown Chinas, male on left
Photo courtesy of Jason Scott Chavez

John and Andrea Day's family of Brown Chinas
Photo courtesy of John Day

A cross between a China and a Roman
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

So . . . ?
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen


Canada crosses with domestic Brown China goose: the first picture shows the two cross offspring with the Canada parent; the second picture shows one offspring at the front with two Chinas and a Canada in the background; the third picture is of one of the offspring showing off
Photos courtesy of Kathy Reeves

Snow Goose X domestic White China Goose
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Brown China goslings

At two days, there was about an inch difference between the Toulouse and the Brown Chinas -- here they are at two weeks!

White China goslings at 1 day and 2 weeks
Photos courtesy of Cody Everett



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