Embden Geese

"Bathtub" was my first Embden, and my favorite goose ever. She was a friendly bird and a great mother. She died of wounds received while (successfully) defending her goslings from a predator.
Photo courtesy of Diana Reed-Slattery

The Embden (also spelled Emden) is one of the most popular geese for the table, due to its size and white plumage. A young gander of this heavy breed should weigh 20 pounds, while an older one can reach 26 pounds. The young goose hits about 16 pounds. Their eyes should be bright blue.

Embden Links:

The Domestic Waterfowl Club on Embdens

Embden Geese at Wood Oaks Farm

That's my Embden goose "Baignoire" on the left, and my Toulouse/Embden cross gander "Sam" (3/1/80--5/23/00) on the right
Photo courtesy Bill and Sue Tivol

Mary DeGayner's Embdens "Hagar" and "Helga"
Photo courtesy of Mary DeGayner

Jeff Iurato's young gander
Photo courtesy of Jeff Iurato

An Embden pair from Sweden
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

A pair of Embden yearlings
That's one of Brian's Muscovies in the background
Photo courtesy of Brian Decker

An Embden gosling
Photo courtesy of William Stifler

Jason's Embden gosling "Jim"
Photo courtesy of Jason Chambers



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