Scaly Leg Mites

Scaly leg mite
Photos courtesy of Virginia Martin

There are various ways to deal with this.

If you have only a few birds, just coat their legs weekly with vaseline. You may have to do this for a couple months. Eventually the old scales will fall off and new ones grow in. Some people choose to dip the legs in rubbing alcohol weekly, instead. If you do that, scrub them with an old toothbrush while they're immersed.

If you have more birds, you might want to use something on the line of Ivermectin. I use the 1% Ivermectin injectable for cattle, dosing (internally) at 6-7 drops for a bantam and 9-10 for a large fowl. Note that this stuff is not made for or tested on poultry -- but lots of people use it for them anyway.

The Chicken Chick on scaly leg mites

A clear picture of lifted scales from scaly leg mites
Photo courtesy of Ilana Nilsen

Scaly leg mite on the foot of a Pekin (Cochin bantam)
Photo courtesy of Adrian

Another bad case of scaly leg mite
Photo courtesy of Anthony Goldstraw



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