Emperor Geese

Anser canagicus

My pair of Emperor Geese at six years old
with a pair of Nene in the background

Native to north-west Alaska and north-eastern Siberia, these beautiful birds are often raised by aviculturalists. Sexes are marked the same but the females are slightly smaller. They breed along the coast where they feed mostly on seaweeds, plus some small marine animal life. Incubation of the 3—8 cream-colored eggs takes 24—25 days. The grey goslings are fully feather within 3 weeks. After breeding season, the birds move to the tundra, where they survive on grasses and berries.

Emperor Links:

White Feather Farm

Young male Emperor

A year-old Emperor female
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

An Emperor
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Emperor Goose grazing
Photo ©Frank Quinn

Another Emperor Goose

Juvenile Emperors


An Emperor X Greater White-fronted Goose hybrid
Photo courtesy of Dirk Fussbahn



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