African Comb Duck

a.k.a. Knob-billed Duck, Old World Comb Duck

Sarkidiornis melanotos

African Comb Duck
Photo courtesy of Clyde Robinson & Avian Empire

Found throught Africa south of the Sahara, this duck also inhabits Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand. This species is larger than the New World Comb Duck and its sides and flanks are grey.

Only the male has the large knob on the bill.

It is found in tropical lowland freshwaters, where groups of 30-40 are common. Feeds by grazing in waterfront grasslands. Often seen perching in trees.

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Another drake
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Two shots of a drake on the water
Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Yet another male!
Photo courtesy of Clyde Robinson & Avian Empire



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