Hottentot Teal

Anas hottentota

A Hottentot Teal

One of the smallest ducks, the Hottentot Teal is found throughout much of tropical eastern Africa. The sexes are similar. They are generally found in pairs on shallow, well-vegetated ponds and lakes, although large aggregations may occur outside of the breeding season. To escape danger they rarely fly; rather, they hide in the tall vegetation along the shore.

A clutch consists of 6-8 creamy eggs and incubation has been reported as anywhere between 18 and 23 days. The nest is well hidden in dense waterside vegetation. Pair bonds form before the breeding season and males may stay with the females in attendance of the brood. Their call is a resonant tzzee-tzzee-tzzee.

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Hottentot Teal
Photo courtesy of Clyde Robinson & Avian Empire

A Hottentot Teal drake

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