Black-bellied Tree Duck

aka Black-bellied Whistling Duck, Red-billed Whistling Duck

Dendrocygna autumnalis

Black-bellied Tree Ducks

The species is widespread from Texas to Peru. With its bright, reddish bill and legs, white wing patch, black underparts and gray head, this gregarious and frequently terrestrial duck is hard to mistake. It tends to be active nocturnally.

Popular in wildfowl collections, these ducks usually lay 12-16 eggs, which require an incubation period of 26-28 days. Both parents care for the young.

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Jan's Ornamental Waterfowl

Black-bellied Tree Duck drake
Photo courtesy of Colt Handorf

A Black-bellied Whistling Duck family
Photo courtesy of Suzanne Landry

A juvenile BB Tree Duck
Photo courtesy of Suzanne Landry



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