Eyton Tree Duck

aka Eyton Whistling Duck, Plumed Whistling Duck, Grass Whistling Duck

Dendrocygna eytoni

An Eyton Tree Duck

Native to northern and north-eastern Australia, these long-legged ducks congregate in large flocks along the shores of open-country lakes. The birds are noisy both in flight and at rest, producing a continuous twittering that is interspersed with whistles. Sexes are similary, although mature males may have longer flank plumes.

The nest is usually just a scrape in long grass or underneath a bush. Clutch size ranges from 6-12 eggs in captive birds and both parents share sitting chores during the 28 day incubation period. The young become independent by 10 weeks and are flying between 12 and 13 weeks.

This is an easy species to maintain in captivity.

Eyton Tree Ducks
Photo courtesy of Clyde Robinson & Avian Empire

Another Eyton Tree Duck

Yet another

Plumed Tree Ducks in a zoo in Australia

An Eyton Tree duckling
Photo courtesy of Clyde Robinson & Avian Empire



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