Fulvous Tree Duck

a.k.a. Large Whistling Teal

Dendrocygna bicolor

Fulvous Tree Ducks
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

This Tree Duck is one of the most widely found species, being native to four continents. It is found from the southern US south to northern Argentina, over much of Africa south of the Sahara and throughout the Indian subcontinent. Sexes are similar in appearance.

They are gregarious, often found in small groups among mixed species flocks. Fulvous Tree Ducks spend much feeding time on the water and are both dabblers and decent divers. In India they are often tree-nesters, but over the majority of their range they are semi-colonial ground nesters.

Fulvous Tree Duck Links:

You can find Fulvous Tree Ducks at Jack the Goose's farm

Fulvous Tree Ducks on the water
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Fulvous Tree Duck female (mother of ducklings in box below)
Photo courtesy of Neil Pierson

Silver Fulvous Tree Ducks, a color variety developed and maintained in captive stock

Fulvous Tree ducklings
Photo courtesy of Neil Pierson



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