Red-breasted Goose

Branta ruficollis

Jim Frazier's flock of Red-breasteds

The most beautiful of all geese, Red-breasteds breed in Arctic Siberia and winter in southeastern Europe. The sexes are similar but the gander is more heavily built.

A clutch may include up to 9 creamy-white eggs which the female sits on for 25 days.

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Another shot of the same flock

Jim's flock on the pond

A grazing Red-breasted Goose
Photo courtesy of Jean S. B-C Mower-Allard

A Red Breasted swimming
Photo courtesy of Michel Verbeke

My four-month-old gander on the pond
Photo courtesy of Stefan

My Red-breasted goose

A pair of Red-breasteds
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

More Red-breasteds
Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen



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