American Coot

a.k.a. Mud Hen

Fulica americana

An American Coot
Photo courtesy of Carol Kelly

Coots are often mistaken for ducks when swimming. They are in the Rail family (Ralidae) and are relatives of the Moorhen. They are found in much of North America and south into northern South America.

They lay up to 9 eggs in a clutch and often nest 2 or 3 times in a season. Early season nests have larger numbers of eggs than those later in the year.

Coots are omnivorous. American Coots prefer fresh water habitats but may be found in salt water environments during the winter.

American Coot Links:

A Coot on the edge
Photo courtesy of Carol Kelly

Three American Coots
Photo courtesy of Romain Kang

American Coots grazing
Photo courtesy of Carol Kelly

A flock of American Coots in California
Photo courtesy of Tom Lisowski

Coot imitating duck!
Photo courtesy of Carol Kelly



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