Grey Partridges

a.k.a. Hungarian or Common Partridges

Perdix perdix

A Hungarian Partridge
Photo courtesy of Jason Mandich

This partridge is found across Eurasian grasslands from Scandinavia south to Italy and Spain and east into Siberia and China. Introduced populations are found in many areas of North America.

It lacks the "beard" found in other Perdix species and can also be differentiated by the brownish spots on its abdomen.

Incubation takes 26 days. The young require live insects in addition to a good starter feed. Hand-raised Grey Partridges are said to become quite tame and be good pets. To breed these birds, a large, well-planted aviary is required and it must be free from disturbances.

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A Hungarian Partridge with a Valley Quail in the background
Photo © François Lapointe



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