Grey Peacock Pheasant

or Chinquis

Polyplectron bicalcaratum

A cock Grey Peacock Pheasant
Photo courtesy of Alex Levitskiy & Blue Creek Aviaries

These lovely birds are found from Sikkim and Burma south to northern Thailand and central Assam.

They are very hardy in captivity, although a good shelter is advised. Chinquis gain their adult plumage in the first year. Clutch size is two eggs and incubation takes 22 days. If the eggs are collected the hen will reclutch several times and you can hatch the eggs easily under a bantam.

Grey Peacock Pheasants are quite personable and display frequently in the aviary. The call, described as phee-hoo!, is quite penetrating. They have another call which is more froglike than birdlike: a series of croaks sounding like wak-wak-wak.

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A Chinquis hen
Photo courtesy of Alex Levitskiy & Blue Creek Aviaries

A young male -- sorry about the poor shot, he wouldn't turn around

Juvenile Grey Peacock Pheasants



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