Dromaius novaehollandiae

An Emu
Photo courtesy of Sharon Alworth

The Emu is a large flightless bird from Australia. They can raise from 20-50 chicks a year in North American farming conditions.

It is supposed to be easy to sex young Emus. Up to 5 weeks, you can tell by the feathers on the back of top of the head -- on males these will form a mark like a bulls-eye, on females they will be in irregular lines. Or so I was told by an Emu breeder.

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Two more Emus

A male Emu strutting
Photo courtesy of Songline Emu Farm

Two shots of an Emu's head
Photos courtesy of Sharon Alworth

Another shot of an Emu
Photo courtesy of Sharon Alworth

More head shots
Photos courtesy of Diana Marek

"Diana," Kat's one-day-old Emu chick, with eggshell
Photo courtesy of Katra





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