Spalding Peafowl

A Spalding peacock
Photo courtesy of Aubrey Webb

These birds are named after the late Mrs. Spalding of California. They result from a crossing of the two species of peafowl, the Blue India (Pavo cristatus) and the Green (Pavo muticus). As I understand it, the true Spalding is the offspring of a Green cock and a hen of the Black-shouldered variety of the Blue India. They often exhibit white throat patches and primaries. The hens tend to be Green-like in carriage, voice and behavior.

A Spalding hen
Photo courtesy of Josh Hoffman

A Spalding Black-shouldered male

Facial and back patternings of a Spalding male
Photos courtesy of Aubrey Webb

A Spalding hen

A Spalding male
Photo courtesy of Josh Hoffman

This Spalding male appeared on my friends' deck
Photos courtesy of Scott Greenberg

Another Spalding peacock
Photo courtesy of Aubrey Webb

A Seipei Spalding Black-shouldered hen
Photo courtesy of Shirley Gold

A Spalding Pied male and Spalding Silver Pied female

A Spalding Black-shouldered Peacock with a Black-shouldered Silver Pied male in the background

A Spalding Dark Pied hen

A young male Spalding Black-shoulder

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