A Norwich Cropper
Photo courtesy of Paradox

The Croppers are definitely members of the Pouter group, but differ quite a bit in certain respects. Their legs are shorter and straighter and the globe is ball-like and not as set off from the body as that of the Pouter. A good Cropper will soar 50 yards on open wings before using its wings with loud claps to raise its altitude again.

Norwich Croppers are found in many colors, all in pied forms.

Breed clubs:

National Pouter and Cropper Club
Frank Barrachina
12376 Bryant St.
Yucaipa, CA 92399
e-mail (Jeff Clemens):

Modern Spanish Thief Pigeon Club (Sporting Pouters)
Mr. Jose Gomez
227 E. Fairview Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90302
e-mail: jgpeng@pacbell.netz

Cropper Links:

Fancy Feather's article on the Voorburg Cropper

Hungarian Croppers

"Hansel" and "Gretel," a pair of Voorburg Shield Croppers
Photos courtesy of Kim Kester

Another Norwich Cropper
Photo courtesy of Paradox

Here's a Dutch Cropper, old cock

A Vorburger Cropper from Germany
Photo courtesy of Sascha Michel

Another Norwich Cropper -- an old cock

More Norwich Croppers
Photos © Benny Chai

Another shot of the Voorburg Shield Cropper male, "Hansel"
Photo courtesy of Kim Kester

A Ghent Cropper
Photo © Benny Chai

A Steller Cropper from Sweden
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

More Norwich Croppers (from The Philippines)
Photos courtesy of Rico Nabong

An Old German Cropper: this thing was huge -- I thought it was a bloody albatross!!

And here's another Old German Cropper -- this one actually from Germany
Photo courtesy of Sascha Michel



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