Nun Pigeons

[Photograph of Nun pigeons in flight]
Flying Nuns
plus crossbreeds at the top and lower left

Click here to download Nuns in Flight, a 2.7 second, 703K movie.

Breed club:

The United Nun Club
Stan Ryan, Publicity Director
14 Ryan Rd.
North Branch, NY 12766
phone: 914-482-3715

[Photo of a pair of Nun Pigeons]

"Grampa," on left, and Sally, my first pair of Nun pigeons

One of my Black Nuns
Photo courtesy of Kate Sobol

Another Black Nun

[Photograph of Nun Pigeons]

More Nuns

Terry Stevenson's Black Nun
Photo courtesy of John Langford

A Nun from Germany
Photo courtesy of Sascha Michel

Landing on my barn roof
Photo courtesy of Anahy Antara

My Nuns hanging out up in the rafters in the barn
Photos courtesy of Bonnie Rosenstock

A Red Ash Nun

Can you believe that this will grow up into a Black Nun?

Waiting for dinner!
Photo courtesy of Ginger Carson



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