Nun Pigeons

[Photograph of Nun pigeons in flight]
Flying Nuns
plus crossbreeds at the top and lower left

Click here to download Nuns in Flight, a 2.7 second, 703K movie.

Breed club:

The United Nun Club
Stan Ryan, Publicity Director
14 Ryan Rd.
North Branch, NY 12766
phone: 914-482-3715

[Photo of a pair of Nun Pigeons]

"Grampa," on left, and Sally, my first pair of Nun pigeons

A Black Nun

[Photograph of Nun Pigeons]

More Nuns

Terry Stevenson's Black Nun
Photo courtesy of John Langford

A Nun from Germany
Photo courtesy of Sascha Michel

My Nuns hanging out up in the rafters in the barn
Photos courtesy of Bonnie Rosenstock

A Red Ash Nun

Can you believe that this will grow up into a Black Nun?

Waiting for dinner!
Photo courtesy of Ginger Carson



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